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This team was formed during genesis when the best Rankers from each country and organisation opposing Zahard went to study under the masters of FUG, with the different rankers fighting together as one team. The Hidden Grove was among the most notable teams formed in this time.[1]


They fought several members of 10 Great Families, but after a fight with the 8th son of the Lo Po Bia Family Head, Dowon was pressured into sealing herself away in order to save her country. Cha became quite upset at this decision due to strong feelings between him and Dowon. This caused him to kill several allies of the Zahard Empire in a fit of rage born from sadness before requesting to be sealed away as well. With both leaders sealed, the rest of the team joined Khel Hellam's team and tried to fight Zahard directly, but they were defeated and all team members except Khel Hellam was captured or killed. There was also a traitor on team,[2] with it being revealed that it was Khun Hynd Luch that was the traitor.[3]


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  • Cha (Leader) - Fisherman (Active)
  • Dowon (Co-Leader) - Wave Controller (Active)
  • Khun Hynd Luch - Spear Bearer (Deceased) (Defected)
  • Taro York - Spear Bearer (Imprisoned in The Nest)[3]
  • Toro - Spear Bearer (Deceased)
  • Unnamed member 1 - Most likely a Scout (Killed/Captured)
  • Unnamed member 2 - Most likely a Light Bearer (Killed/Captured)


Their Goal was to fight Zahard and his forces during genesis, with them even killing one or more direct descendants from the 10 Great Families.[1]

Notes and Trivia

  • The wording of the amount of children killed and if it is from several different families is ambiguous in the original Korean, which means it could be anything from several children from several families, to one child from one family.



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