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Hidden Floor Villain (숨겨진 층 빌런, Sumgyeojin Cheung Billeon) or just Villain (빌런, Billeon) for short is a quest monster which has to be defeated by Regulars or "Warriors" on their journey and adventures in the Hidden Floor.[1]


Hidden Floor Villain is summoned through the Hidden Floor Villain Scroll. When the quest begin, a villain monster will appear in a certain spot. If the Regulars managed to defeat the villain, it means they have completed the quest and they will receive "Good Deed Points". If Regulars can gather enough good deed points, they will fill the Good and Evil Monitor device with white bars indicator or white light. After the white light is full, the Big Breeders will give you the scroll for the "Main Quest" where you have to defeat the final villain or "Champion Villain" to banish that the Fruit of Good and Evil (선악과, Seon-aggwa) to hell.[1] Apparently, there is actually no difference between normal villain or champion villain. Big Breeders can summon any villain and decide whether it would be normal villain or champion villain. They can also increase the power level of a villain.

Main Quest=

Main Quest (메인 퀘스트, Mein Kweseuteu) is a final quest given directly by the Big Breeder to the Regulars. This is actually a "fake main quest" to "deceive" Regulars from knowing the existence of another virtual world called the "Hidden" Hidden Floor. The "hidden main quest" can be accessed after Regulars fill the Good and Evil Monitor device with black light.[2]

List of Hidden Floor Villains

These are the list of the Villains:

  1. Screaming Plants (E-Rank): The first villain summoned by Khun Aguero Agnis in the Wandering Minstrel Village.[1]
  2. Octopus Kim (C-Rank): After beating several others E-Rank villain, Khun Aguero wanted to increase their challenge. Khun then picked the C-Rank Hidden Floor Villain Scroll of Octopus Kim.[3]
  3. Mother Long-Tailed Tit (D-Rank): After Khun Aguero's party (Boro, Sachi Faker, David Hockney) managed to capture the Octopus Kim, Big Breeder Chung appeared from a shining mysterious gate (which is actually a portal dimension that leads to another virtual world, the "Hidden" Hidden Floor) and announced he will gave the Grand Quest. The Big Breeder then summon a tiny little bird villain called the Mother Long-Tailed Tit.[4]
  4. Giant Cyclops Monster: A villain summoned by Big Breeder Chung through one of the eggs of Mother Long-Tailed Tit villain.[5]
  5. Hidden Floor Giant Rats: Villains of a Grand Quest summoned by Twenty-Fifth Baam after Data Yu Han Sung explained some hidden truth about the Big Breeder.[4]
  6. Armored Armadillo: According to Snake Charmer's analysis, this is an extreme defensive villain whose skills are focused more on Shinsu Resistance and defense rather than attack power.[6]
  7. Chrome Cutter (B-Rank): A champion villain of the Hidden Floor: Sweet Castle stage. This villain was defeated by Khun Marco Asensio (Data)[7]
  8. Brown Hair Minotaur: A champion villain of Hidden Floor: Labyrinth of The Minotaur stage.[8]


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