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Hidden Floor Soldier are robots that was created to protect the Hidden Floor. They are basically military or security of the Hidden Floor. They served as disposable soldiers to enforce the laws, rules, preventing crime and behavior disorder of Data Humans inside the Hidden Floor and keeping stability. They were under command of Big Breeders and Mirror of the Past.



Appearances and Personality

The Hidden Floor Soldiers are dominated by red color. They have unique design, round hat and round body. They have "core" as their weakness,[1] similar to the Stone Dolls and the Workshop Patrols.

The Hidden Floor Soldiers are robots, they don't have personalities unlike Data Humans. There are 2 types of Hidden Floor Soldier, Normal Soldiers and Giant Soldiers.

Normal Soldiers

Normal Soldiers' size is a little bit bigger than human. Two normal soldier was seen to act as bodyguards of Big Breeder Chung, while Hwang and Jeok wasn't accompanied by any normal soldiers.

Giant Soldier

Giant Soldier is very huge in size, unlike normal soldiers.[2] According to Data Yu Han Sung and Batis, they never saw a giant soldier before Twenty-Fifth Baam entered the Hidden Floor. It means that this Giant Soldier will never appear unless the Hidden Floor was in serious danger. They have roles as "Captain" of the small soldiers.[3]

Powers and Abilities

A Hidden Floor Soldier is capable to fly and will attack enemy with melee weapon like sword, lance, spear, or mace. They don't have special powers.


  • Normal Soldiers: use sword, lance, spear, or mace.
  • Giant Soldier (Captain): use drill as melee weapon and shot laser beam from their core.[2]



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