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Palace of Spears (Hidden Stage ??: 창의 궁, Chang-ui Gung) is a "hidden" stage of the Hidden Floor and a pagoda-looking structure that was owned by Data Eduan. This is the territory of Khun Family inside the Hidden Floor.[1]


This place is the main residence of Data Eduan inside the Hidden Floor. Not every Khun Family Regulars data can visit this place. Only Eduan's favorite child can visit the Palace of Spears, they are Data Maschenny, Data Asensio, and Data Icardi.

Appearances and Design

The palace sits on top of a huge rock with a waterfall.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Hidden Floor

Sachi Faker, Boro, David Hockney, Batis and Medley finally reaches the hidden stage, the Palace of Spears. Data Maschenny then escorted them to Data Eduan.[1] Inside the palace, Data Eduan was seen sitting on his "throne" or chair and welcomed them. When Data Eduan started to question where is the kid that Data Yu Han Sung promised, Data Asensio quickly kneel and bow on the floor on the right side of Eduan. Asensio apologized that the kid is still in the other stage. Sachi then interrupt them, but Eduan replied that he already know what they were coming to ask for his help to fight Data Zahard. He then proceeds to explains the history of the mirror world. He also mentions that the Hidden Hidden Floor was created when the real Zahard visited Data Zahard and was supposed to be a space for the 10 great family leader away from all the normal regulars. However, Data Zahard changed after being visited by Zahard. He seem like his normal self on the outside, but he had change deeply on the inside.[2]

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