Hesse[1] (헤세, Hese) was a D-rank Regular who had resided at the Name Hunt station on the 39th Floor. He was one of the Ten Bosses of the Name Hunt station.[2]

Appearance and Personality

Hesse was an extremely large and imposing person, easily towering over Team Novick when he encountered them. He wore a face-like mask, which had an appearance reminiscent of a mannequin, lacking a nose and eyebrow ridges and only possessing a pair of red eyes and a small mouth of sharp teeth; this face-like mask was bisected by a thin vertically by a black line. He also had long flowing black hair that seemingly reached to his ankles. Hesse wore a large green hunter's cloak with large boots and cuffs around his forearms. He could increase his size when battling, and grass began to grow from his dirt-composed body.

While largely unknown, Hesse was very preoccupied and interested by the idea of taking the 'name' of a Great Family member as he was the only one of the Ten Bosses who did not have a name from the Great Families.[2]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The 'Name Hunt' Station

While sitting somewhere inside the Name Hunt station, a Regular ran up and told him that a member of the Koon Family had just arrived at the station, eliciting his immediate interest in taking the Koon member's 'name'. Later on, Hesse encountered Team Novick at the entrance to the station and, upon noticing Ran was the Koon Family member, he told Ran to give him his name, calling Ran "brat". Ran attacked him with electricity but he revealed his immunity thanks to his dirt body. Proceeding to tank Ran's subsequent attacks, he told Ran to hurry and give his name. However Ran merely powerd up and struck him with a powerful electrical attack possessing such a large amount of shinsoo that Hesse was unable to withstand it. Following Hesse's defeat, Team Novick obtained Hesse's name.

Powers and Abilities


Hesse the "Dirt Man"

Hesse was a Regular that possessed a body composed of earthy dirt.[2] Because of this, he was generally immune to the effects of fire and electricity, noting that electrical attacks only made his body firmer.[2] However, despite his general immunity to certain elements, Ran proved that an electrical attack of significant shinsoo power was enough to completely bypass Hesse's resistance.[2] He was also skilled enough to block Ran's barrage strikes although, despite the latter's great speed.

Notes and Trivia

  • His name is likely from the footballer Jesé
  • It is unknown whether "Hesse" is their real name or a name they have stolen.
  • Hesse had stolen the names of 9 powerful Regulars prior to challenging Koon Ran.[2]


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