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Hero Sealing Tower (Dowon) (봉인탑, Bong-intab, "Sealing Tower") is a place where FUG ancient war hero Dowon was sealed.[2]


Dowon's Hero Sealing Tower is located on the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence (Dohwa). In the past, the sealing chamber were actually guarded by several Rankers, but as time passed, all of those Rankers have forgotten Dowon because their memories were erased by Dowon herself with a Spell.[3] The Rankers then quit their job as the guard because they don't want to guard without a reason. The only Ranker that didn't quit is Tonki, because he was impressed with the dedication of Khane (Dowon's younger sister) who always never forget to visit the sealing tower. Tonki swear that he will keep guards the sealing tower until Khane forget about her older sister and if she ever try to break the seal, he will do anything to stop her.[4]

The Hero Sealing Tower is a special structure built by the Zahard Empire to contain, prison, or seal FUG powerful ancient heroes in the Tower after the great war of the Age of Genesis. This structure can seal a High Ranker. The war heroes that are trapped inside are not dead, they just experience deep sleep and can also be unsealed.

Seal Rules

In order to break the seal, only one friend, family, or acquaintance shall become the key to open the seal. If the person who become the key dies, the trapped heroes can't be unsealed forever.[5] To become the key, a person must sacrifice something. The severity and price of one's sacrifice differs from one person to another. Dowon's younger sister, Ranker Khane is required to sacrifice all of her memories about Dowon to break the seal.[6][3]


After FUG lost the war against the Zahard Empire, people from the Peace Council had to migrate or moved into this wall as part of the agreement between the rebels (FUG forces) and Zahard Empire forces to achieve peace.[1] This wall is also had to be built by the rebels and had to be placed within the territory of Zahard Empire.[5]

After Dowon was sealed at the other wall, Cha was deeply saddened. He left the Hidden Grove team and went to go on a rampage, killing several Rankers of the Zahard Empire before requesting to be sealed himself in the wall controlled by the Peace Council.

Thousand of years passed after Dowon and Cha were sealed, the Zahard Empire finally decided to break the peace agreement after they suffer a big loss in the Battle of The Last Station and the other fact that the former Army Corps Commander Kallavan failed to assassinate the Irregular Twenty-Fifth Baam. Afraid that Baam will start to spark FUG's long lost, forgotten spirit, and awaken all FUG war heroes, Princess Adori Zahard quickly ordered Zahard Empire Military to either "kill" or "persuade" the sealed heroes to join the Zahard Empire.

Only one person was assigned to release Dowon, the former Army Corps Commander Kallavan.[7][8] In the end, Kallavan finished his mission with great success because Dowon requested to join Zahard Empire of her own accord and she also did it to protect Twenty-Fifth Baam and friends from Kallavan.[3]

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