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Hero Cantare (히어로칸타레, Hero Cantale) with NAVER WEBTOON is a Korean mobile RPG game where players could control any Characters from the NAVER WEBTOON comics. The game concept is similar like MARVEL Avengers Game that provide many heroes within the MARVEL Universe. But this game Hero Cantare will be about WEBTOON Universe.


Hero Cantare with Tower of God
  • Creators and Developers: Angel Games[1]
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ji-hoon Park [2]
  • Brand: NGELGAMES
  • Rating: Over 12 years old
  • Game Platform: Android, iOS
  • More Information: Visit Hero Cantare @Know Search Naver



As the popularity of the Tower of God keep rising in the Korea, NGELGAMES finally decided to create a game collaboration with Tower of God Webtoon.

Tower of God Characters

Twenty-Fifth Baam or Jyu Viole Grace

Ha Yuri Zahard and Androssi Zahard

Khun Aguero Agnis


Hero Cantare Tower of God Khun Aguero Agnis

Khun Maschenny Zahard

White and Albelda

Data Zahard and Urek Mazino

Baam (normal), Hwa Ryun , Data Maschenny , Albelda


Other characters

Alternate Translation

  • Hero Cantale