The Hendo Lok Family (헨도 록 가문, Hendo Lok Gamun) is one of the 10 Great Families, and is led by Hendo Lok Bloodmadder. It is the Great Family with the least influence and also has the smallest amount of Rankers. This is due to a pact that Bloodmadder made with the 100th Floor Guardian in exchange for eternal life, which curses Hendo's children to a short life.[1]


Though the Hendo Family is the least influential, its members still uphold an ironclad set of rules, and Bloodmadder’s position within the clan is absolute.[1] The Rankers that uphold the Hendo Family are all Hendo’s adopted sons and daughters.[1]

The Hendo Family are famous for having the strongest defensive power of all the 10 Great Families; as such, those that possess Hendo's blood usually have high shinsoo resistance.[2]

Known Members



Alternate Translations

  • Hendrock Family (LINE Webtoon)


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