Hendo Lok Bloodmadder (헨도 록 블러드메더, Hendo Lok Bleodeumehdeo) is one of the leaders of the 10 Great Families and the head of the Hendo Lok Family. His nickname is "Long-Life Turtle" and in battle, he favours the special position of Defender.


As a reward for passing its test, the Guardian of the 100th Floor offered Zahard and the 10 Great Warriors the gift of immortality. One was excluded from this gift, however: the head of the Hendo Lok Family, Hendo Lok Bloodmadder.[1] The exact reason for his exclusion is not known, however, Bloodmadder begged the Guardian for a way to receive eternal life and the Guardian decided to offer it under one condition:

If you give your children and your children's children the curse of a short life, you alone will be able to live an eternal life through the life you've taken from them.

—The 100th Floor Guardian's proposition to Bloodmadder

Although conflicted, Hendo could not overcome his fear of death and accepted the Guardian’s conditional immortality. All those born under Bloodmadder are cursed with a short life.[1] A ‘short life’ in the Tower is roughly a 100 years and it may be slightly longer for Rankers; however, Hendo’s children cannot become immortal.[1]

Because his longevity is tied to the sacrifice of his children's lifespans, Bloodmadder had to sire many children. Unsurprisingly, of the heads of the 10 Great Families, Bloodmadder has the most children.[1] (He does not have the most wives; this distinction goes to Koon Eduan.) No one knows the exact details of his contract with the Guardian, but it seems definite that he needs to maintain as many children as long as his lifespan is.[1]

Blood descendants of Hendo often lie about their backgrounds in order to marry. Because of this practice of “deceptive marriage”, Bloodmadder’s blood was scattered throughout the Tower and eventually the government was forced to expend significant resources to seek out and isolate those carrying “Bloodmadder’s Blood”.[1]


Bloodmadder’s sobriquet, “Long-Life Sea Turtle”, is a mockery of both his drive for immortality and his unique combat position as Defender.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Hendo usually takes the role of Defender, a rare position that protects the Spear Bearer or the Light Bearer during battle. It is said that when he teamed up with the once-greatest Spear Bearer in the Tower, Koon Eduan, they were unstoppable.[1] Naturally, as a High Ranker, Bloodmadder is capable of filling any other position magnificently.[1]

Notes and Trivia

Alternative Translations

  • Hendrock Bloodmadder (LINE Webtoon)


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