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Headon's Floor (HEADON'S Floor) is the first arc of the first volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

The scene opens in a dim cave, where Baam chases Rachel and pins her to the floor. Baam asks Rachel where she is going and Rachel responds that she is sorry but she is going to climb the Tower and Baam should just forget her. A door opens up and Rachel is swallowed through, but Baam follows, ending up in the 1st Floor. He looks around and is greeted by Headon. After getting over the initial shock, Baam asks whether Headon had seen Rachel. Headon avoids the question, only responding by saying that the answer, like everything else, could be found on the top of the Tower. Headon then initiates the Ball Test and Baam takes it without hesitation.

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Meanwhile, Yuri and Evan are running down the stairs in the middle area. Yuri somehow knows of Baam’s entrance into the Tower and they arrive in time to observe Baam’s conversation with Headon. When they see that Baam actually takes the test, they jump down, much to Evan’s distress, and stop him. Yuri gives him a pocket, after which he understands Yuri and Evan. Yuri is certain of foul play on Headon’s part, but unable to prove it, asks him why he initiated a test meant for 20th Floor Regulars. Headon retorts that if she thinks it’s so unfair, Yuri could give Baam Black March. To Evan’s shock she agrees and after determining his resolve, gives it to him. When Evan asks her why she lent it to him, she answered that she merely liked him.

Baam igniting Black March

Facing the Steel Eel, Baam thinks of what Rachel means to him and recognizes that he fears something more than death. Evan knows that the only way to pass the test is to get eaten, then stab at its tongue. Only while it was stunned could Baam make his way to the ball and pop it. To Evan’s amazement, Baam does it and makes his way to the ball. Unfortunately, due to Headon’s tampering the ball does not pop and the Steel Eel regains consciousness. Yuri tries to help but cannot. Evan yells out for Baam to ignite Black March and to everyone’s surprise, he succeeds. To Yuri’s indignation, Black March only helped Baam because it had a crush on him. As Black March ignites, the ball still doesn’t break. Instead, it teleports him up to the next Floor. Yuri is furious with Headon, but can’t do anything so she and Evan leave.

In the middle area, Evan broods about Baam and wonders if such determination exists, as he himself has forgotten his reasons for entering the Tower.

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