I sincerely welcome you to the Tower. Child.

—Headon to Baam[4]

Headon (헤돈, Hehdon; "Headon") is the Administrator of the First Floor and the caretaker of the Tower.[5]

Appearance and Personality

Headon's mouth-eyes.

Headon has an appearance reminiscent of a white rabbit because of his long ears. He swirls a long yellow stick with two green balls at each end. Headons face is featureless except for a black, slit like structure which can open to reveal narrow eyes or even his "mouth."

Headon talks in a friendly tone, but has been shown to have a cruel and manipulative streak. Headon presents his ideas and opinions in a logical and pragmatic manner, but his goals and desires themselves are not understood. Headon is perfectly willing to manipulate dozens of lives and create the nucleus of civil unrest to attain his mysterious goal.

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Headon selects a young Kaiser to climb the Tower

Although most Administrators normally stay on their Floors, Headon seems to be the only Administrator with the ability to visit other Floors of the Tower. This is because he teleports into any of the 134 Floors of the Outer Tower or the Middle Area when selecting Regulars.[5] Headon travels across all Floors and selects people that catch his eye. The selected people are known as chosen Regulars (선별인원, seonbyeolinwon; "selected members"). These people begin at Evankhell's Floor and climb the Tower from there.

It is said that Headon is the most experienced Administrator of the Tower.[6] Although that only means he was the first Administrator Zahard met and therefore the first one to carry out the roles of a Administrator, that doesn't mean he's the oldest.[7]

Tower of God: Part 1

Rachel entered the Tower, calling him "Fae", and asked for guidance. He told her she wasn't chosen to climb the Tower, to her dismay, calling her an "incredibly dirty, foul, lying, naughty little girl". She asked for a chance to gain the opportunity and Headon called upon the Ball Test. When she refused to take such an overwhelmingly dangerous test, she was locked away and forced to watch Baam take the test in order to find her.

When Baam, in search of his friend Rachel, came into the Tower, Headon welcomed him. Then he offered Baam to take the Ball Test, telling him he could go to the next Floor if he could pop the Ball. When Yuri and Evan arrived and told him it was too much for Baam, he answered that the test was at the adequate level, because Baam was an Irregular. However, Headon agreed to bend the rules and said that if Yuri lent Baam the Black March, he would look away just this once.

When Baam disappeared with the Black March after popping the Ball, Headon urged Yuri to go and find him. After the angered Yuri left, he asked Rachel, who had been watching the entire test, what she would do now that Baam had begun climbing the Tower. Rachel wondered why it was that Baam had been chosen and not her. Headon replied that it was the will that was important, complimenting Baam's courage and saying that, compared to that, Rachel was unqualified to climb the Tower. He went on to say that if she could fulfill his request, he would let her be the heroine of this story. Since she ascended Floors, it was assumed she agreed. Headon lent Akryung to her to act as a guard and sent her up. It was revealed that Yu Han Sung, the Test Director of the 2nd Floor had also been conspiring with Headon all along to allow Rachel to ascend the Tower. Yu Han Sung then introduced Hwa Ryun to Rachel as her Guide, who along with Yu Han Sung, manipulated all the Regulars into feeling obliged to help Rachel climb the Tower.

Powers and Abilities

Teleportation: Headon can instantly teleport himself and others through the Tower. When he does this, a pink flash appears momentarily.

Caretaker of the Tower: It is unknown what this implies and if he actually acts upon the wishes of the Tower. As he is bound by the Tower's rules when conducting an Irregular's test, it means he only has "close to full authority".

Notes and Trivia

  • Headon's eyes and mouth share the same slit.[8]
  • Headon was the first Administrator that Zahard and the 10 Great Family Heads met in the Tower.[7]
  • Headon is highly regarded within the Tower.
    • Evan uses honorifics when addressing him.[6]
    • Serena Rinnen calls him "a real god".[9]
    • Horyang calls Headon "the true master of the Tower".[10]
  • Headon is the "recruiter" that invites the chosen to the Tower, and we see him appear often through the series inviting Regulars.[5][9][10]
  • Because Headon teleports Regulars straight to the Floor of Test, only Irregulars take tests from him on the First Floor.[11]
  • Unlike most Administrators, Headon is used to hold grudges or vent his anger.[12]


  • (To Rachel) "If you promise to fulfill my request, I will let you be the heroine of this story."[13]



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