Hax (헥스) is a Ranker. She is the Position Instructor for the Fishermen on the Second Floor and was therefore one of the judges during the Hide-and-Seek test as well as the judge for the Fishermen during the overall Position Test.

Appearance and Personality

Hax's face is covered by a smooth silver-like mask and she has long flowing dark hair that she has in two pigtails. She dresses in a light blue blouse-like top with her dress being pink but striped white.

She notes that someone intelligent and calculating like Koon was her type.[1]

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Tower of God: Part 1

Zahard's Princess

She was introduced as the instructor of the Fisherman and gave the Fisherman Regulars their first test which was to reduce the number of Fisherman on top of the pillars down to 8. She also warned them that since the height of the pillars was so tall, if a Regular was knocked off, they would probably fail the position test due to serious injury. She then wondered what Androssi and Anak were doing as she noted that all the other Regulars were doing nothing.


During Team A's turn in the Hide-and-Seek test, Hax commented that Koon was her type drawing disagreement from Yu Bok-Dol. Then when Yu Han Sung mentioned that Koon had stolen items from his dad's warehouse, the instructors (including Hax) began discussing what could be inside.
She then later helped choose scores for Team A, noting Koon's brilliance. When it was Team B's turn to take the test, Hax wasn't very enthusiastic about them saying that were was too much of a difference in power between the teams and noting that apart from the Fishermen, all the other positions weren't great.

Last Examination

She stood with the rest of the instructors as the results for the passing Regulars of the Position Test were announced.


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