Powers and Abilities

Part 1

Expert Swordsman: Hatsu is a very good swordsman, wielding his swords fast and precisely. He is well trained, is strong physically and can easily best multiple Regulars in a swordfight. He was even able to hold off Quant Blitz for a short time, according to whom, Hatsu's nitōryū (이도류, idoryu) skills are remarkable. Even when fighting with a single sword, he can wield it ambidextrously, gripping it with either hand.[10] His training also gave him an exceptionally powerful grip, such that he may grasp whatever he chooses without fear of losing his hold over it. His grip has proven capable of even briefly restricting the movements of a Ranker.

  • Shinsu Detection: Hatsu can detect the shinsu of others at a long range.
  • Demonic Fish Wheel Dance: Single Annihilation (귀어윤무 일섬 (鬼魚輪舞 一孅), gwi'eo'yoonmoo: ilseom):[11] A technique of one-handed vertical slash powerful enough to make a threat even for a Ranker if not shinsu-protected. He used it against Quant during the "Hide and Seek" game.


Sword That Flies Higher Than Any (누구보다 곺이 나는 감, nuguboda gop'i na'neun gam):[12] This sword has a red hilt with a similarly colored tassel hanging from it. When Hatsu throws it into the air, it will move on its own, attacking and blocking for Hatsu in midair.

Sword That Flies Lower Than Any (누구보다 낮게 나는 감, nuguboda najge na'neun gam):[12] This sword has a blue hilt and tassel. It can emit a small but potent blast wave when Hatsu swings it hard.

Part 2

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Expert Swordsman: In Part 2, his fighting style is similar to his initial one. But instead, he now wields one sword (ittōryū) instead of two. His swing is much more powerful and his control over shinsu has improved. He is capable of wielding a metal pipe as if it were a sword and still fight with a high level of skill.[13] Even though he is not from a Great Family or a Special Family, Hatsu has proven to be skilled enough in his swordsmanship that he is capable of briefly hold his own against a Great Family member and even a Princess of Zahard in direct one-on-one combat, despite being physically outclassed by both.[14][15]

  • Demonic Fish Wheel Dance: Single Annihilation (귀어윤무 일섬 (鬼魚輪舞 一殲), gwi'eo'yoonmoo: ilseom):[16] An improved version of the technique he used in Part I. Now it creates a gust of shinsu cutting the enemy and is even capable of damaging Cassano, a living Ignition Weapon. However, the nature of the attack is still the same, according to Hatsu himself: "Nothing changed. I just doubled the amount of exercise".
  • Demonic Fish Wheel Dance: White Wave Devil-Tearing Single Slash Annihilation (귀어윤무 백파 마열 일자섬, gwi'eo'yoonmoo: baekpa ma'yeol ilja'seom):[13][17] Hatsu boosts and charges his weapon with shinsu and gives a quick, powerful thrust that has extremely strong piercing qualities. It also affects a considerable area, as when this technique was used against Varagarv it was capable of completely dissipating the "dogs" which were surrounding Varagarv.


At the beginning of Part II, Hatsu had replaced his two initial swords with a single katana that had a silver cross-guard, a red and black hilt and a red tassle hanging from its base; this sword was broken during his second encounter with Beniamino Cassano.[18] Some time later, by the 39th Floor, he came into the possession of two new swords. The first is a simple katana which possesses a silver cross-guard, a grey hilt and a blue tassel hanging from its base; its blade was fractured during his battle with Shilial Zahard.[15]

Donghae: His second sword, an Ignition Weapon, which Hatsu doesn't use often because it is difficult to wield.[19] Its blade constantly glows and emits flickering flame-like energy, and its attack power is impressive. Hatsu was able to snap Shilial's rapier-like needle with a single strike, while the full extent of the damage could be seen behind the Princess.[19] Despite its already impressive power, it has yet to be ignited according to Hatsu.[19]

Alternate Translations

  • The Sword That Higher Than Anyone Flies
  • The Sword That Lower Than Anyone Flies



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