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But I want to stay beside Baam. It's not enough for me to simply watch his back. Because I'm his friend. But it feels like he's getting further and further ahead of me.[9]

Hatsu to Cha

Hatsu (하츠, Hahcheu; or "Hatz") is a Regular and a "devoutly" practising swordsman. He met and teamed up with Anak Zahard and Ship Leesoo during the "Deathmatch" Test on the 2nd Floor and later signed Khun's friend list.

Hatsu is currently on the 52nd Floor, inside The Cat Tower, helping Twenty-Fifth Baam and his allies.

Notes and Trivia

  • SIU revealed his birthday to be May 2nd.[1]
  • It is implied that Hatsu entered the Tower because he seeks honour and pride (명예와 긍지).[10]
  • Hatsu has two younger siblings in his family (1 little brother and 1 little sister). After Hatsu become a Regular to climb the Tower, he never met his family again because of the rules.[2]
  • As a humorous reference to old school yakuza manga or movies, Hatsu's defeated opponents were piled on top of one another, during the Crown Game.
  • Rak refers to him as Warrior Turtle.
  • Hatsu may be of a descent similar to that of the Japanese, considering: his choice of weapon (katanas), the kimono-like clothes he wore in Part 1, his overall samurai-like demeanour especially his views on halbok (it is similar to the Japanese samurai's perspectives on seppuku), the references to the yakuza (as mentioned above) and, above all, his name. 'Hatsu' is not an uncommon name in Japan, often meaning 'first/beginning' (though the meaning can differ greatly depending on the Kanji chosen).
  • Androssi named his new sword that he got from workshop battle 'psychopath'
  • His height is similar to Khun Aguero Agnis. But because of his hairstyle, he looks taller.[11]



  • (To Khun Aguero Agnis) "You bastard! How dare you mock the way of the warrior?! There is no act more manly or noble than the Halbok!!"
  • (To Ship Leesoo) "Trusting your allies is obvious."[12]
  • (To Quant Blitz) "Since the moment I was born, my hands were trained to hold the sword. I never let go of whatever I have got in my hands."[13]


  • (To Beniamino Cassano in their second clash) "After I lost to you, I swung and swung, several thousands, no, several billions of times. Until my swords were tempered, to become sharper and more powerful than you."[14]
  • (While fighting the Guguah Crab) "Just like he said, I'm a human, not a weapon. Without a sword I am nothing. But depending on how I use it, even a common metal bar like this--! Here I go!! Forget it! Don't think about what you hold in your hands. Because in this moment-- the most powerful sword!! Is right here!!"[15]
  • (To Chigrinsky while cut off his head) "You should have them get rid of your dead body. Since I'm not into touching corpses of perverted freaks like you."[16]
  • (Talking about Androssi to Shilial Zahard) "Destined to fight.. That may be true.. But regardless of her destiny, we are friends. We may fight and argue when we don't agree with each other, but it's not like we could fight just because someone tells us to. It may be true that she is destined to fight Jue Viole Grace. But if someone tells me that I'm destined to fight my friend, I would rather fight destiny itself."[17]

Alternate Translations

  • Hatz (LINE WEBTOON - English)
  • Hatsu (ハツ) - (LINE Manga - Japanese)



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