Hana Yu (유하나, Yu Hana) is a D-rank Regular of the Light Bearer position whose ambition is to become a famous idol singer.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Hana Yu is a fair-skinned young lady with light pink hair and blue eyes. Her hair frames her face with two long bangs and is tied into a bun at the back of her head. She wears a light pink jacket over a black dress-like garment.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Revolution Road

She was seen sitting on the floor of the train carriage Baam was in when Boro and Hanool Kang arrived. Then, when Boro agreed to team up with Baam, the former chose her to join with them, to her delight. She then walked with the rest of the group when the went to retrieve the Express Tickets that were in the other carriage and watched as Hanool got beaten up by the Regulars holding the Tickets.

Later on, after Felix had woken up, Hana revealed her ambitions for the future and her reasons for climbing the Tower. When their train finally pulled up at the entrance to Train City, she and the others proclaimed in wonder when they saw an elevator. After reading the buttons, Hana proposed they go to the Skyscraper but Boro shot her down and they eventually chose to go to the "2F - Residence". Once there the group met up with Baam's allies and went inside room 52. She went into fangirl mode when Ha Yura appeared on the Residence floor and called for everyone to become part of her team; Boro chastised her for this, telling her that on the Hell Train everyone was your enemy.

The next day Hana participated in the tournament game, "Crazy Yellow Ball", with Rak, Boro and Hanool. In the third round she got caught with the yellow ball as it was going into "Crazy Mode", after Ha Yura threw it at her. However before the ball exploded and killed her, Baam intervened, saving her life at the cost of her hands being severely burned. Hanool bandaged her hands up and she sat with him and Rak when the rest of her group went to stop Yura's allies' schemes.

After the tournament ended, she was briefly seen resting in bed with Hanool Kang sitting beside her. Later, she gave her Express Ticket to Hong Danhwa because she was injured and couldn't board the train.

Powers and Abilities

As a D-rank Regular, Hana probably possesses a decent level of skill and strength. She is a Light Bearer.


  • (To Boro, Hanool Kang, and Felix) "I have always dreamed of becoming a famous person. That's why I came into the Tower. But I always dream that I will be able to become someone special someday. If only I could be the special one standing in front of the crowd 'Idol', that sparkles. I think the word 'Idol' sparkles so beautifully."[2]


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