Note: Despite the not knowing the item's name, we shall refer to the Lighthouse as a "suitcase" due to it's appearance.

Ha Yura's suitcase, is a special Lighthouse created by The Workshop as a reward for winning a previous Workshop Battle awarded to Ha Yura.


Yura wields a blue suitcase, which is actually a special Lighthouse that she won in a Workshop Battle. The powerful item, which is sturdy enough to withstand the explosion of the yellow ball in Crazy Mode, is higher than C-rank and has three special abilities:

  1. The ability to completely block an opponent's shinsoo control.[1] This ability was used to circumvent the effects of Baam's Fast Skip.[2]
  2. The ability to make a copy of the suitcase and then transport the user from the copied suitcase to the original suitcase. This ability can only be used once per day and can only transport up to three people at a time.[3]
  3. The third ability is unknown for now but is said to be as good as the first ability.



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