Ha Yura's suitcase, is a special Lighthouse created by The Workshop as a reward for winning a previous Workshop Battle awarded to Ha Yura.[1] There is no official name for this item, but we should refer this customized Lighthouse as a "suitcase" due to it's appearance.

Appearances and Design

Yura wields a blue suitcase, which is actually a Lighthouse with customized shape. The suitcase has several light blue star markings spread around the suitcase.


Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Hell Train: Revolution Road

After Train City's officials begun their first test or game called "The Last Seven", many Regulars that gathered together in that place started fighting against each other to compete for the Express Ticket. At the same time, Moontari and Mahan scouted potential Regulars that they will invite as teammates. At the door entrance, Ha Yura was spotted carrying her suitcase for the first time.[2]

When the first round tournament event was announced, it turns out that Baam's temporary team has to compete against Team Yura's Simps in the Crazy Yellow Ball Game. In the first turn of the game, Twenty-Fifth Baam quickly overpowered Pierre the defender of Yura's team with his Fast Skip technique and won the game very easily. In the second turn, when Baam intended to use the same trick on her, Yura somehow was able to cancel Baam's Fast Skip technique. Yura completely catch Baam off guard after playing psychological mind trick on him by using Rachel's name to made Baam go easy on her.[3] In the third turn, Yura was forced to block the exploding ball with her suitcase after Baam tricked her into thinking he will use the same trick twice on her, but Baam completely twisted the result by stopping the ball with Fast Skip technique instead of using it directly on Yura. In the fourth round, after realizing Yura wasn't too strong physically, Baam noticed that there might be something odd with her suitcase and why she relies heavily on it. In the fifth round, after they managed to break through the defense line of Yura's team, Hanool Kang passed the crazy yellow ball onto Baam in the very last seconds and forced Yura to block the ball with her suitcase. Then the contact explosion occurred, throwing the suitcase away from Yura, leaving her defenseless.[4]

The Hell Train: The Dallar Show

After Baam defeated Hoaqin, the ceilings suddenly explode and burst out a big amount of mysterious substance called Boiling Acid. After seeing the substance being poured in, Yura immediately take out her suitcase and open it to absorb Hoaqin and she head towards Rachel and Khun AA's location. After saying goodbye to Khun, Rachel jumped down quickly without hesitation because she already knew that Yura is ready to catch her with the suitcase.[5] After Yura successfully caught Rachel inside the suitcase in the mid air, she quickly activated the third skill of the suitcase, to escape with instant teleportation. She also teleported Traveller and Beniamino Cassano along with her.[6] After the three of them (Yura, Traveller and Cassano) safely arrived at the designated coordinate location somewhere inside the train, Yura opened her suitcase to release Hoaqin and Rachel.[7]

The Hell Train: The Hidden Floor

After Rachel, Yura and Baam's friends was sucked in by the front door of the Hidden Floor inside the Room of Time Past through the access of the Master Key, they all ended up separated from each other in the place called "The Third Space", a place where Mirror of the Past was stationed in. Yura and Rachel ended up in the same location together while they were being attacked by several Hidden Floor Soldiers. Yura was seen to swing her suitcase to damage the soldiers.[8]

The Hell Train: Three Orders

Baam angrily rushed to Yura and Rachel's location after he found out that Rachel almost kill Khun Aguero Agnis in the Hidden Floor. When Baam arrived, Yura quickly engage him in close combat with her suitcase, swinging it around to attack. Baam who was full with anger, quickly blocked the suitcase with the palm of his right hand and threw Yura away with a powerful shockwave of shinsu attack, slammed her body onto the ground. Yura was confused as to why Baam suddenly get so strong to the point that her sturdy suitcase's defense can't even block his attack anymore.[9]

Powers and Abilities

Yura's suitcase is quite a powerful item for Regulars. According to Yura, her suitcase item is higher than C-rank items. The suitcase is mostly used for defense. The item is sturdy enough to withstand the explosion of the Crazy Yellow Ball in Crazy Mode and can even endure physical attack of a giant-sized human like Aka Williams. Aka can't open nor breaks the suitcase's copy no matter how hard he punched it.[10]

Besides its sturdiness, the suitcase has three special abilities:

  1. Completely block an opponent's shinsu control.[1] This ability was used to circumvent the effects of Baam's Fast Skip.[11]
  2. Create a copy of the suitcase and then transport the user from the copied suitcase to the original suitcase. This ability can only be used once per day and can only transport up to three people at a time.[10] The suitcase's copy also has the first ability.
  3. Coordinated Teleportation. Much like the normal Lighthouse Teleportation, the suitcase can also perform coordinated teleportation by entering a specific input of the target's location along with its coordinate. However, the suitcase is more practical since it doesn't require any additional suitcase or even Lighthouses to be present on the targeted location. Normally, Light Bearers usually needs to 6 Lighthouses to perform Lighthouse Teleportation. While Yura doesn't require one single Lighthouse to perform similar skill, it looks like she has to draw a single star pattern at the targeted location to mark it as the "coordinate".[7]

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