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Rachel promised me... that if I get up the Tower with her... she'll let me see the real stars. I don't want to live a life, where I am swayed by a bunch of stupid morons anymore. Soon... at my last concert... I'm going to sweep all... those idiots away. So that... I can become a real star

—Ha Yura to Khun Aguero Agnis.[5]

Ha Yura (하 유라, Ha Yoora) is a top D-rank Regular[1] from the Ha Family and a former famous "Idol Singer" in the Tower. She is considered to be a genius from the Ha Family. She left her job as an idol to travel the tower with Rachel.


A long time ago, Yura's parents were Regulars who are also participating in the Hell Train. Her parents were once companions who traveled through the train together. After spending so much time together, the two of them fell in love and the woman ended up getting pregnant on the train. The twins she was expecting are Yura and her brother. Yura's mother was only a normal regular of the Ha Family, but Yura's father wasn't just a normal regular. Yura's father had a secret. He was the descendant of the people who had betrayed the ten family leaders and Zahard after their great journey ended, which later will be known as The Cursed People. Yura's father was a mixed-blood member of their species who is "cursed with a high chance of having a stillbirth." Unfortunately, the twins in the womb also can't avoid that curse. At that time, surely there was no chance of both twins to survive.

Hidden floor yura twins.jpg

After Yura's parents completed their journey on the Hell Train, they cleared all the Hell Train tests and intended to enter the Hidden Floor. Sadly, right before entering the Hidden Floor, Yura's father had been attacked by a Train guardian and passed away. Yura's mother then continues to embarked alone inside the hidden floor. Miraculously, Yura was able to break free from that curse thanks to the blessing of the blood of Ha Family. Yura's brother still had a high chance of being stillborn. Yura's mom was tormented by the fact that she would lose her baby boy if she left the Hidden Floor.

Hidden floor yura mom2.jpg

After observing Yura's mom for a while, Hwang, one of three Big Breeders of the Hidden Floor was curious about the mother. Hwang then made an offer to change the system and alter the fate of her children. According to Hwang, there may not be a way to fix the curse on the outside, but on the hidden floor, it is possible to change things. After the real Yura's mom had exited the hidden floor, she gave Yura a birth on the outside while the data of Yura's mother gave birth to the boy so that both of them could survive.[4]

Sometime after leaving the Hidden Floor, Yura's mother gave up on climbing and settled in the Middle Area of one of the Floors to raise Yura. Because of her father, Yura's mother was chased by the Ha Family. Yura saw her mother last time when she was chosen to climb the Tower. She received from her mother a mirror fragment and advice to go to the Hidden Floor because her mother's data will be there. After that, her mother chose to return to the family and face her death.[4]

Yura tower idol.png

Yura became a famous idol as she climbed the Tower since not even the Ha Family would dare harm her if she was beloved by the public. She also hoped that her mother would be watching her. Before getting on the Hell Train she found out from Emily that her mother passed away.[4]

Yura contacted by Rachel

Ha Yura once participated and was victorious in a previous Workshop Battle, where she received a special Lighthouse. Around a year before the tournament at Train City, roughly around the time that the events of the Workshop Battle had ended, Yura met Rachel via Emile and found out that they had known each other for some time.[6] Tired of fans, fame, pretty clothes and money, Yura figured out what she wanted and Rachel, via Emile, told her that what she wanted was on the Hell Train and she would be guided by her.[7] As a result, Yura asked Rachel for an invitation and then left everything behind and decided to help her.[6]

Appearance and Personality

Ha Yura has a fair skin, long light blue hair and often dressed in formal office suit or korean Hanbok (韩服) when traveling the tower. She later appears in the residential area of Train City with her hair tied back, dressed in a black robe embroidered with white swirls secured with a blue sash. She also carries around a special blue suitcase with her.

She is a confident and influential person, as seen when she managed to quell the fighting in the residential area thanks to her position as a famous idol.[8]

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Revolution Road

Several posters announcing that she would be holding a concert at the central hall of Train City on the 35th Floor of the Tower appeared on the private trains going to Train City. Yura was later seen in her own private wagon with an Express Ticket and a picture of Twenty-Fifth Baam.

After arriving at Train City, Yura eventually appeared on the Residence floor when the "Last Seven" game had begun and quelled all the fighting by offering for everyone to become part of her team, much to a few people's chagrin. To the people that followed her, Yura claimed that she would get them on to the Hell Train as she couldn't be beaten.

Later her team lined up against Baam's team in the first game of the tournament, "Crazy Yellow Ball". Seeing Baam, she greeted him as "Jyu Viole Grace", shocking him and asking him how she knew that. The game started and Baam succeeded in moving forward two spaces whilst Yura strangely didn't move at all. As the round ended, Yura congratulated the "former Slayer candidate" and revealed she knew all about him from Rachel, which shocked him further. She then offered Baam a bet: if he could stop her, she'd reveal everything she knew about Rachel and also give up her Ticket.

Baam agreed on the bet and in the next round she charged forwards. Baam attempted to stop her movements but she overwhelmed his shinsu control and moved past him with seemingly no effort, to his surprise. Her teammate subsequently began to boast about her power and in response Yura threw him the ball which then entered into "Crazy Mode", exploding and killing him.

Yura then offered Baam the same bet again and he agreed once more. On the next round, Baam raced at her but instead of freezing her he froze the ball instead and, with ten seconds elapsed, it entered Crazy Mode but Yura managed to get away before it could inflict any damage. Pondering how much more intelligent Baam was than she thought, Yura told him that she would get him off of Rachel's back. On the next round Yura threw the ball at Hana Yu as it went into Crazy Mode but Baam saved his teammate from death. As he asked Yura why she got Hana, her fan, involved, Yura coolly replied that she had many fans and losing one wouldn't matter.

After Baam took the same bet a third time, the next round began and this time Baam used the ball's Crazy Mode to blow Yura's suitcase away, simultaneously freezing her. Having lost the bet, Yura promptly forfeits her Tickets to Baam but then reveals that the whole tournament was a trap to keep them all occupied while her allies stole the Hell Train itself. When told that she was also trapped as a result, Yura retorted that she had an escape plan before abruptly vanishing along with her blonde-haired teammate using her suitcase's special ability. She then raced to meet her allies before the train left.

Having reached the guardian's room, Yura suddenly heard a loud banging behind her and was astonished to see Baam and other D-rank Regulars coming through the elevator doors. The group chased Yura across the chasm but she was able to escape after turning on Mirotic with her controller. However she was eventually caught up by Baam and Hwa Ryun, but Hong Danhwa told her to go on while he held them back. Despite this Boro arrived allowing Baam to catch up to her once more. He ordered her to give up her controller and her Express Tickets when suddenly Daniel Hatchid appeared, introducing himself and saying he was both Yura's collaborator and Rachel's comrade. Daniel then told Yura to run upstairs to reach Rachel while he had a "match" with Baam and she promptly dashed away followed by Hwa Ryun. On her way up, Hwa Ryun managed to overtake and briefly stop her until Angel arrived and enabled her to continue running.

Eventually Yura reached the platform and was greeted by Rachel, however three people came out from the nearby elevator and proceeded to engage Rachel and Cassano. In the ensuing skirmish, Yura raced up the stairs to the Hell Train and entered her Ticket into the slot of the train door, causing it to open. She was joined by the rest of Rachel's group as she entered into the train. Once inside, she asked about the 'sparkling road' and Daniel explained that it was "Revolution Road". They then embarked on the journey through the train.


Yura was present with the rest of the group as they proceeded to free Hoaqin from his sealed place. She then watched as Hoaqin disabled Ja Wangnan before capturing him and Yeon Yihwa. She and the rest of the group then passed the 36F stage test of the train.

Wooden Horse

Secpmd rtbrkotbr.jpg
She, Rachel, Daniel and Hoaqin stepped out of the train at the Wooden Horse station and she watched as Hoaqin showcased his immense overwhelming power against the gathered Regulars.

Later, when Baam, Rak and Khun arrived, Yura briefly fought against Khun whilst everyone else was battling. The exchange was cut short when the train conductor teleported them all to his office. The conductor introduced himself and informed them of a game that would be played in a month to decide who would take the title of Slayer candidate between Hoaqin and Jyu Viole Grace.

A Month

Starting their travels through the train, their group encountered another of Hoaqin's parts, Anna.

The Dallar Show

Yura and her group reached the 4th stage well in time. When the Dallar Show was announced and started, Yura watched as Rachel got humiliated and subsequently lost the first round. Yura asked if she was okay after Hoaqin denounced her upon her return, and she said she was fine.

With Rachel

In the second round of the Dallar Show, she was partnered with Rachel. They eventually spotted Khun's team and Rachel prepared a plan to get her revenge on him. Putting the plan in motion, Rachel and her allies surrounded Khun's team but, with the surprise arrival of Rak and Cherry La, Khun suppressed her plan and instead offered Rachel a chance to risk it all with a 'luck' based interaction. Yura watched as it unfolded as Rachel eventually lost the bet, leaving the two of them with a single dallar.

In the final round, Yura observed as Baam eventually defeated Hoaqin and won the Dallar Show. With boiling acid pouring into the arena, Yura used her special teleportation skill to escape the area with Hoaqin, Cassano, Traveller and Rachel in tow.

Yuri Zahard

Having successfully escaped and released Hoaqin and Rachel from her special suitcase, she watched as Rachel struck a deal with Hoaqin.

The 'Name Hunt' Station

She and the rest of the group successfully cleared the 38F stage test.


Playing her role in Rachel's plan, Yura and Rachel ambushed Hon Akraptor and Ja Wangnan, retrieving the password to the door Hoaqin was locked behind in the process. Having taken Wangnan hostage, Akraptor sacrificed himself so Wangnan would survive. Hoaqin then came out carrying a crying Yeo Miseng, revealing his act to Wangnan. Afterwards, she came into Rachel's room and asked her how she was before telling her that the strongest D-rank Scout would get on at the next station who would help them reel in Hoaqin. Yura left after telling Rachel to get some rest.

Several weeks later, after arriving at the Mushroom Farm station and acknowledging Hockney's boarding of the train, Hoaqin asked her why she chose him. Yura revealed that Hockney was from the Floor of Death and that he would have to work with them as she had part of his 'soul'.

The Floor of Death


New Power


The Hidden Floor


Zahard's Data



Ha Yura was seen tied up by his twin brother.


Ha Yura frustrated, asked why did Hwang dragged her here. She then sees a person who she never saw before, she then asked her name and that person was Rachel using the avatar of Icarus which she created. Hwang told Yura that Rachel worked for him to help him making it possible for Hwang himself to leave the Hidden Floor and go out of the Hidden Floor. As Yura heard Hwang was trying to get out the Hidden Floor she told him that is ridiculous. She got mad when she hears that Rachel worked for Hwang who killed her mother. Rachel then tells Yura she wanted to leave the Hidden Floor looking like Icarus the avatar. Yura looks at Rachel's face in disbelief. Later, Mazino's sworn enemy arrives to the group.

The Advent

Everything went wrong and red tentacles burst out the mirror killing Hwang. Yura was shocked seeing Hwang who was using her brother's body as avatar desperately called for her mother in his dying moment. After looking at the broken pieces of Hwang's original form (yellow ball), Yura who was still mad at Hwang for killing their mother yelled at him for killing their mother. Then the red tentacles went for Yura next but she was saved my Mazino's sworn enemy.

Three Orders

After leaving the Hidden Floor, Yura looked at Rachel losing her mind because Rachel reverted back to her old appearances. Yura tells Rachel to go back to her room because it is dangerous to stay in the open. Yura listened to Rachel complaining about how no one cares about her and also about reverting to her old pathetic and ugly appearance. Rachel told Yura that she wouldn't understand her because she always had fans fawning over her.

Yura then sees Rak approaching her and Rachel. Rak grew back to his original size, angered, he proceeds to attack Yura and Rachel. Later, Baam also appeared and Yura tried to attack Baam but he dodged to quickly. She tells Baam to go away because Rachel doesn't want to see him. Yura got blasted away by Baam and was told to stay out of it. Then she watches at Baam and Rachel's stingray fight against each other. After Yura sees Rachel went down, she and Rachel quickly teleported away using her suitcase.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station

Yura, Rachel and the Traveller seen at another part of the train, then suddenly the train broke apart and all of them were falling down. Then suddenly the train stopped falling and from the outside, a High-Ranker, Ha Cheonhee told whoever is inside should show themselves. Yura asked Rachel what is happening and Rachel told her to just do what they say.


Androssi comes over to saves all the regulars except for Rachel and Yura. Rachel on Yura's left side was furious to see Androssi didn't save them as well.

New Wave

After being locked for a while, they suddenly were saved and teleported away to Po Bidau Gustang and his people on his giant floating castle.

Powers and Abilities

Ha Yura quickly climbed the Tower up to the 35th Floor and is known as a genius. However Yura is not really an elite of the Ha Family members and is a "weirdo" having skills outside her family's muscle power[9] and, although her spec is good, it isn't like the original Ha Family style, like Yuri's for example.[6] Also, her blood has some uncommon traits too.[9] While Ha Yura’s physical abilities are on par with a member of the 10 Families, as a woman of the Ha Family, it’s below par.[10] However her shinsu control ability is excellent.[10] These traits have been noted by others, with Hwa Ryun mentioning that she was relatively fast but still slow in comparison to the average Ha Family member of her level.[11] She has been noted to be a skillful Light Bearer.[3]. Because of her abilities she managed to gain victory during a previous Workshop Battle rewarding her with a special Lighthouse that she uses in and out of combat.

Ha Yura Special Skill: Teleport (하유라 특수기 텔레포트, Ha Yula Teugsugi Tellepoteu): An ability which allows Yura to teleport herself and at least two other persons to another location.

Notes and Trivia

  • When first introduced without showing her face, many fans believed her to be Yuri Zahard in disguise to meet Baam. Turns out it's false.
  • Yura can use the stars floating around her to attack.[12]


  • (Talking to herself) "Idiots. The public. They are so stupid. It would be the same for you too, I suppose. I will see you soon, Baam.[13]
  • (To the Regular's on the residence) "I quit being an idol. So that I can get on the Hell Train. Something I really want is on that Hell Train. So, I quit everything and decided to get myself on the train. In fact, this concert was my way of getting on the train. This concert will probably be my last one as an idol singer. Because if there is something I desire, I must have it in my hands."[14]
  • (To Baam and Boro) "I have so many fans, so it won't matter if I lose one of them. Don't try to make things awkward and just give me one of your tickets."[15]
  • (To Hong Danhwa) "Because I think you are somewhat better than the others in our team. Also I thought that maybe it's better to have at least one person who knows my true intentions. About the thing that I really lost, and the thing that I intend to find by getting on the train. If you hear everything, you will have no choice but to help me out."[16]
  • (Talking to herself after the Dallar Show) "I never expected this finale, but there is not much I can do. It's too bad. But I shall go get ready for our next concert!"[17]
  • (Talking about the Thorn fragment clue to Baam and Khun before enter the Floor of Death) "Find the house where the Princess of the deep colored sea lives and ask her for it. The place where three waterfalls flow. If you go there and follow the red light, you will reach the place with the thorn fragment."[18]
  • (Thinking about Karaka to herself) "I wasn't expecting this at all. Coming to the floor of death with a slayer. How did that guy get on the train? I can sense a tremendously powerful wave of shinsu even when he walks. If he happens to be after the thorn too, there is no way for us to beat him. We had better change our plan."[19]
  • (To Hwang) "Now, my goal is to team up with FUG, and get revenge against the Ten Leaders!! My mother on the outside may have passed away!! But I want to at least tell our mother here that I'm going to get a revenge for her!!"[4]



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