Do you know why there hasn't been a major war in this tower since the ancient wars? Old people hate change. This may seem very unstable to some generations, but to us, who are used to this situation, we're afraid of things changing. The same goes for me. Our bodies don't get sick or weaken as we age, they actually get stronger. But at some point, our minds get sick and become dull to everything, so we have an adverse reaction to even the smallest changes.

We've become weathered by time.

—Ha Jinsung to Khun Maschenny Zahard[1]

Ha Jinsung (하 진성, Ha Jin-Sung) is a High Ranker of the Ha Family and a member of FUG.


Jinsung fails

Jinsung's tragedy

Ha Jinsung is the son of one of Yurin's twins, making him the grandson of Ha Yurin, the family head of the Ha family[1]. At some point, Ha Jinsung fell in love with an unnamed woman who was later sold to a branch of the Ha family.[4] In his anger, he annihilated the entire branch, unable to rescue her as the woman died as well. This event ultimately leads him to hold a grudge against the Great Families, joining FUG as the result. For some time he trained Karaka and later Jyu Viole Grace. He was amazed at Viole's talent to mimic anything he saw once and continually brags about Viole's talents to others.

Appearance and Personality

Ha Jinsung is a tall, slender man with brown hair and brown eyes. He is approximately half a head taller than Viole.[5] Jinsung has a perm which most people find cheap and funny.[5]

Jinsung has a carefree and fun-loving attitude, although this also serves as a mask to hide his true intentions. Since meeting Baam, his character has mellowed slightly to the point where he feels regret at the FUG's treatment of Baam.[5] According to Hwa Ryun, he respects Viole's decision to stay with Team Tangsooyook.[5]

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince


Ha Jinsung first appears as Yihwa finds out that Viole is meeting Hwa Ryun at Regular Karaoke. At first, he wonders if Yihwa is another new member of FUG. Yihwa soon realises that the three of them are FUG members and he soon notices her Yeon Family hairpin and accuses her of being a spy from the 10 Great Families. Viole tries to defend Yihwa by saying she is his teammate, but Yihwa denies this, prompting Jinsung to prepare to attack her. Viole ends up knocking her out to protect her.

Hwa Ryun then suggests that they take Yeon back to Viole's lodging to chat. There, Jinsung introduces himself to Wangnan and Goseng and asks if they bully Viole, although he eventually ends up going on and on about Viole being a genius. All throughout the conversation, Wangnan responds to his antics nervously.

After Jinsung leaves to see Viole on the roof, Hwa Ryun informs Wangnan that Jinsung had actually come to eliminate all seven of Viole's current teammates to get him to form a better team, but had changed his mind for now, as he respects Viole's decision. She warns him that many FUG members currently have complaints against Viole's current team.

Later, he goes to the roof to see Viole.

Ha jinsung

Epilogue, Path

Jinsung is troubled when Viole gets hurt from protecting one of his teammates during the test. He tells Team Tangsooyook that he wants them to leave and that he would guarantee safety from FUG. Wangnan is visibly troubled by this but later returns to tell him that they would be walking their own paths and taking Viole with them, regardless of FUG. After Wangnan leaves, Karaka appears to question Jinsung's motives. He replies that letting Viole have friends simply increases their hostages.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle


He arrives at Karaka's secret hideout where he is questioned by one of its guards to which he replied, "Kids these days...". He subsequently proceeded to make his way to Karaka, easily defeating the hideout's guards on the way. Upon reaching Karaka, the latter sarcastically greeted him and the two began to discuss matters involving recent events. Jinsung then ended the discussion by giving his former student a warning, before leaving, saying "let me give you a warning before I take off, Karaka. If you step over your boundaries... are going to regret it. Viole's growth is much faster than you can imagine. Maybe in the near future... ... He'll come back to FUG, and drag you down from that chair." 

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


He appeared suddenly at Team Tangsooyook's residence, mentioning that his cute pupil was always asleep when he came to visit and noting that the team had some new faces. After being asked why he was there, Jinsung replied that while coming to see someone he decided to drop by before coldly inquiring who had put Viole in such a condition. He then attempts to prevent Baam from getting on the Hell Train, upon learning that Hoaqin was possibly going to be revived. He easily defeats Chang Blarode and Quatro Blitz but is tricked by Koon Aguero Agnis into allowing Baam and his team to escape.

The 'Name Hunt' Station

Realising there was no way to know what happened during the Hell Train journey, Jinsung decided to attend the auction that took place during the Festival of the Name Hunt Station, featuring a battle between a Slayer candidate and a Zahard Princess. Before arriving, he received a message from Hwa Ryun explaining the situation along with Baam's plan. When Ha Ruda and Lo Po Bia Porp challenged each other for Lo Po Bia Elaine at the auction, he calmly challenged them to bet all at once. Shocking the other two by betting 10 billion points, he explained it was a small price to pay for his favourite disciple's favour and that his God was saving her. He was later seen traveling with Elaine towards the 40th Floor.

Three Orders

Ha Jinsung was sitting on an old tall building on the 91st Floor while being surrounded by Zahard's Army. Koon Maschenny Zahard went there personally to tell Jinsung there will be a war soon after the three orders from Zahard. Jinsung replies to Maschenny that he is too old to even want to fight and tells her to stop stirring up trouble. Wondering if Ha Jinsung's rage that he once had when he killed an entire Ha branch is still there; Maschenny ordered the army to attack by firing a huge laser from the main warship which destroyed the environment around him but did no damage to Jinsung himself, and in return, Ha Jinsung used an ability that destroyed half of the army's fleet instantly. Maschenny surprised that he still has it within him, she announces the start of the war and a weapon from Zahard goes over Ha Jinsung and blasts down destroying everything around him.

Jinsung managed to survive with only a sprained wrist and damages the weapon with a few kicks because he didn't want to destroy one of Zahard's precious toys. Ha Jinsung and Maschenny engaged in a battle afterward, and after couple massive attacks, Ha Jinsung notices Maschenny wasn't fighting seriously the whole time and asks her true intentions. Maschenny tells him he finally figured it out and followed up with a massive attack where she put more effort into. However, Jinsung took little to no damage from the attack which Maschenny says he is so strong. Maschenny tells Jinsung the three orders that were sent from King Zahard to annihilate FUG or kill everyone on the Hell Train. She also says someone Jinsung cares about is at the Last Station and the army found a way to interfere with regulars when they are not supposed to. Jinsung asks how Maschenny know about the 'boy',
Jinsung vs kallavan 2

Jinsung versus Kallavan

and she replies back saying her knowledge on his existence isn't the problem, but Zahard's and that he has noticed him in the tower and has already sent his army to kill him and anyone associated with him.

Ha Jinsung broke into one of Zahard's High-Speed Warship and set the location to the Last Station at full speed. The people in the warship were wearing Kallavan's insignia, and when Ha Jinsung sees it, he expresses concern, saying it will not be easy even for him because of Kallavan's influence and power.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station


Ha Jinsung intercepts Kallavan before getting to the battlefield, challenging him to come out of the ship. After getting ignored by Kallavan, Jinsung takes out a Shinsoo Cannon from the El Robina, treatening to blow up the ship, destroying Kallavan's teleport device. After this, the Squadron Commander decides to come out.  Once they are facing each other, Kallavan reveals that they have met before, after Jinsung heard the rumours of a talented Ranker guarding the "Essence of Bravery" in an unexplored and wild area of the tower, outside the influence of the ruler. In their first encounter, Jinsung praises Kallavan and recognizes his talent. Jinsung pushes Kallavan into taking the Essence of Bravery for himself, that same day Kallavan took it, and at the next encounter they had, Jinsung felt that he was already capable of becoming a High Ranker. Ha Jinsung offers Kallavan to become a Slayer several times, but he refused. 


Jinsung after getting hit with Kallavan's transcendental skill

The fight begins with a physical exchange, Kallavan reminds Jinsung that his body is tougher than the ones from the Ha Family. Ha Jinsung wonders how the Ha Family got the reputation of only having tough bodies, considering that they are more like "Technicians", surprising Jinsung with Iron Defense. After a short exchange, Kallavan recognizes Jinsung's power. After telling Jinsung about what he saw when he took the Essence of Bravery, Kallavan shows his real power. After getting hit with Kallavan's Atomic Explosion, convinces himself that he made the right choice about not letting Kallavan get to the Last Station

Kallavan continues his attacks against Jinsung while wondering why does Jinsung want change so much, and compares change with pain and conflict. Jinsung prepares his trascendental skill and makes a hole in Kallavan's stomach. After thinking he won, Kallavan grabs him and destroys his arms. While Jinsung seems to be preparing an attack he's surprised by Maschenny Zahard's spear. As he falls, he remembers his time with Baam, and orders the Shinsoo Cannon from El Robina to attack the ship while using Reverse-Flow Control stopping Kallavan and Maschenny Zahard, but the Squadron Commander manages to get to the ship right before it explodes and arrives to the Last Station. Maschenny Zahard takes Jinsung prisoner and reveals that her plans are to initiate a war like the old ones.

Powers and Abilities

As a member of the Ha Family, Jinsung is proficient at martial arts and also incredibly strong. Not only is he a member of a Great Family, but he is a High Ranker, which heightens the standards one would expect of him.[6]. He was strong enough to kill an entire branch of the Ha Family because his love was sold.[4] Additionally, even the Elders and Slayers of FUG are wary of angering him, speaking volumes about his strength, and Kallavan noted that Jinsung is far stronger than Karaka, one of the Slayers. In fact, he is such a monster that Hwa Ryun stated that even a Slayer would have trouble against him in a serious fight. He was capable of competing against Kallavan, the Squadron Commander of the Fourth Squadron of Zahard's army, who had the power of the Essence of Bravery. Even after sustaining heavy damage from Kallavan's Atomic Explosion, Jinsung was still able to severely injure Kallavan with his Dragon Tiger Gate technique. After having his arms crushed, and being stabbed by Maschenny, he still had enough power to use Reverse Flow Control on both Maschenny and Kallavan both of whom are top High Rankers.[7]

Master Martial Artist: As well expected from being among the most skilled members of the Ha Family, Jinsung is an exceptional master of the martial arts. He was capable of molding Viole into a powerful martial artist. During his battle with Kallavan, an incredibly skilled martial artist who had the Essence of Bravery empowering him, Jinsung was able to use his superior fighting skills to outfight him in hand-to-hand combat, countering just about every blow Kallavan fired at him and landing punishing blows on his own right until Kallavan used Atomic Explosion. Even then, he still countered quite a few of Kallavan's attacks.

Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique (화접 공파술, or "Hwajeop Gongpahsool"): As the one who taught Viole this trademark FUG technique, Ha Jinsung is a master using this technique.[4] The technique allows one to transfer a shock of Shinsoo through vibrations from oneself to a targeted object, vibrating the target's inner Shinsoo and destroying it from within. Jinsung was able to completely obliterate a rock golem with what seemed like an offhand touch.[4]

  • Ha Jinsung Style: Extreme Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique (하진성 류 극의 화접 공파술, Ha Jinsung-lyu: Geug-ui Hwajeop Gongpahsool): His own improvement of the trademark FUG technique; his student Viole used it to devastating effect against Kaiser despite the attack not hitting directly.
  • Ha Jinsung Style: Transcendent Skill: Dragon Tiger Gate - Ultimate Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique (하진성류 공파술 초월기 용호쌍문 극의화접공파술, Ha Jinseong-lyu Gongpasul Chowolgi Yonghossangmun Geug-ui Hwajeop Gongpahsool): This is likely one of Jinsung's ultimate techniques. He uses this against Kallavan when pushed into a corner. Jinsung generates a large amount of shinsoo in each hand which creates a projections of large dragon and tiger. Jinsung then aims his arms at the enemy's abdomen and twists them, which, as Kallavan notes, messes up their flow of shinsoo. This technique is incredibly dangerous and is capable of severely injuring Kallavan whose body is noted to be very tough. Although it was not able to kill Kallavan outright as Jinsung expected, Kallavan himself noted that he could have been killed if Jinsung followed the attack with another hit.[8]

Ha Jinsung Style Piercing Technique: Crimson Flame (하진성 류 공파술 적화, Ha Jinsung-lyu Gongpahsool: Jeoghwa): One of his signature techniques; his student Viole managed to break part of Kaiser's Armor Inventory with it.

Jinsung Ha Style Shinsu Control Skill: Red World (Water Drop) (하진성 식 신수제어술 붉은 세계 (물방울)): Jinsung used this technique when forces of Zahard's Army raided his residence on 91st Floor. It destroyed around half of the fleet.[1]

Physical Boost: Shinsu Piercer (신체 강화 신수돌파): Shinsoo technique boosting user's speed. Using it Jinsung was able to close the distance between him and Princess Maschenny very quickly.[9]

Jinsung Ha Style Shinsu Boost: Iron Defense (하진성 류 신수 강화술 비호, Ha Jinseong lyu Sinsu Ganghwasul Biho): This is one of Jinsung's fighting techniques. After gathering a lot of shinsoo in front of himself, he strikes with one hand to create shinsoo blast wave. It was powerful enough to cause Kallavan some pain and force him back.[10]

Jinsung Ha Style Lethal Move: Demonic Storm (하진성 류 살인기 마룡촌경, Ha Jinseong lyu Sal-ingi Malyongchongyeong): Jinsung makes a powerful blow at the target, which causes great shockwave upon impact. The technique's power was enough to impress Kallavan, inflicting pain and forcing back the extremely powerful Ranker.[10]


  • Twenty-Fifth Baam: Baam is Ha Jinsung's pupil. At first, Ha Jinsung looked at Baam as a weakling, as he was too 'Ordinary' and didn't feel like a Irregular like Urek Mazino. After Rachel's betrayal to Baam in season 1, Baam went under the name of Jyu Viole Grace was taught how to fight and effectively use Shinsoo from Ha Jinsung. It is shown Jinsung cares for Baam, and this was shown to be true as Jinsung was trying to stop Baam from entering the Hell Train where White/Hoaqin was at, saying that it is dangerous there. He also showed a hint paternal affection towards Baam.
  • Karaka: Karaka was also another one of Jinsung's student. He noted by Jinsung that his growth is scary but he later also says Baam's growth is much faster and would catch up and drag him down from his throne someday.[11]
  • Kallavan: Kallavan was once Ha Jinsung's student. Kallavan thanked Jinsung for showing kindness and guidance in the past. It was because of Ha Jinsung that Kallavan was able to stop the endless cycle of killing between fathers and sons in the family. He has also helped Kallavan to be able to find his true meaning of life in which he became strong enough to go on a great journey to defeat great warriors, gather followers, and even becoming a corps commander of Zahard's Army.[2] Ha Jinsung is now confronted by Kallavan after 3000 years as an enemy.
  • Ja Wangnan: Wangnan Ha gave Jinsung a lollipop to get him to stop smoking. Ever since that day, he has a lollipop in his mouth and was never seen smoking. In Season 2 Ch. 326, Jinsung smoked again after a long time; he was seen holding a lighter in his hand and a cigarette in his mouth.
  • Zahard: Ha Jinsung's relationship towards Zahard is like “my granny’s close friend is actually a king,” kind of relationship. Ha Jinsung is quite close to Zahard in the past as they shared conversations before. It is rare for Zahard or any of the 10 Great Family Heads to have any connection to anyone beneath them.[12]

Notes and Trivia

  • He is higher up in the Ha Family tree than Ha Yuri Zahard.[6] Later, SIU revealed that Jinsung is the grandson of Ha Yurin, the head of Ha Family.[1] Yuri is the great granddaughter.
  • Ha Jinsung joined FUG because his girlfriend was sold to a member of a branch of the Ha Family. After he annihilated the entire branch, he held grudges on the Great Families.[4]
  • As Khun Maschenny Zahard noted, even as a FUG member, Jinsung still maintains great status, having known the 10 Family Heads directly and Zahard, making him different even compared to the famed war heroes sealed in the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence, which made finding the right prison for him difficult.
  • He is not a Slayer, but he teaches the Slayers. Karaka is one of his students.[13][14]
  • He is ranked within the top 100 (High) Rankers, hence why he is very strong.[3]
  • He is allowed to interfere with Regulars to some degree, while most Rankers would be executed.[15]
  • At first, SIU wanted Jinsung to look like the main protagonist of a noir film, but he just ended up being a gag character with a perm. So he has become a very strong character who is just a friendly neighborhood old guy for Baam.[16]
  • SIU said that, excluding Yuri and Mazino, he was the strongest "person" (most likely not including Guardians) Baam had met as of Season 2 Chapter 155.[17]
  • Jinsung buys clothes for Viole every season, much to Viole's chagrin.[18]
  • He likes looking after kids.[2]
  • As a martial artist, his level is above Kallavan.[19]
  • The fight between Jinsung and Kallavan is a great battle of two High Rankers, to be recorded in the history of the Tower.[20]
  • He calls Wangnan, "Wangnang".[5]
  • He asked Wangnan if he used Twitter and Wangnan said no.
  • He tells Wangnan to buy him cigarettes. Wangnan returns with lollipops instead. In his next appearances, Jinsung is seen eating the lollipops instead of smoking cigarettes.
    • As the lollipops were Chupa Chups (as commented on by Jinsung), this was a reference to their 1980's ad campaign, featuring slogans like "Smoke Chupa Chups" and "Stop smoking, start sucking". This is in line with SIU's other reference to older candies, which were the prize in the 28th Floor test.
  • Jinsung owns many houses.[21]



  • (To Yu Han Sung) "Rage dulls the senses. I feel like those dull senses have come alive today."[4]
  • (To Viole) "Don't be too angry. I know you hate us now. But we won't harm you if you cooperate. Instead, we will provide you with the best. Money, power, girls, honor, revenge, whatever. Tell us what you want, and we will get it for you."[4]
  • (To Viole) "Did you say you want to be strong? I will show you how to become a God."[4]
  • (To Karaka) "I betrayed my family for FUG. Since that day, I have spent so many dark nights here waiting for the right time to come. Why would I ruin it with something useless like affection?"[13]
  • (To Karaka) "Doesn't the fact that Viole has more friends just mean we have more hostages as collateral?"[13]
  • (To Viole) "The power to make all wishes come true, change the world, or walk your own way giving up all you have got. I can only give you the smallest 'Part' of it now. But this power will help you choose your destiny."[22]
  • (To Viole) "If you want to preserve this happiness, you must get stronger. Soon, you will face a great danger. You won't survive the way you are now. If you want to keep that happiness, you must be strong enough to protect that. And then, you will return someday. To get back at those 'Higher Ups' who put you in danger. Get tougher, Viole."[23]
  • (To Karaka) "Let me give you a warning before I take off, Karaka. Viole's growth is much faster than you can imagine. Maybe in the near future, he will come back to FUG, and drag you down from that chair. Now, reflect on your mischievous deeds, Karaka."[24]
  • (To Koon Aguero Agnis) "Don't get so nervous, kid. I've changed a lot. I no longer kill Ten Families whenever I meet them."[25]
  • (Talking about Elaine to himself) "That must be the girl that Hwaryun mentioned. What a remarkable beauty and talent for her family to have abandoned."[26]
  • (Talking about Elaine to Lo Po Bia Porp and Ha Ruda) "I have taken a liking to that girl too, so let's just all bid at once, to see how high the price goes. There is no need to waste time, right? We will all bid at the same time on the count of three, okay?"[26]
  • (To Ha Ruda) "I'm just an old man who vanished from the history books long ago. There is no need for you all to be concerned. And I'm not the one buying that girl. My God is saving her. So it doesn't matter what the reason is. That's what kind of being God is."[26]
  • (To Khun Maschenny Zahard) "Did you come here to watch your boys get slaughtered or what? You should just leave if you don't intend to fight."[27]
  • (To Kallavan) "Bravery doesn't get any greater by keeping it locked up in a place like that. True bravery only becomes greater when you have it within yourself."[2]
  • (To Kallavan) "You have got all that power. And yet you use it to go around hunting down Regulars? You should be ashamed of yourself, Kallavan."[28]
  • (To Kallavan) "Whew- I don't know how the Ha Family got this reputation for only having thick skin... This is all because of those stupid younger idiots using their bodies as sandbags without any real skills. In the Ha Family, we're actually 'technicians'!!"[10]
  • (To Kallavan while fighting him) "I don't know what kind of guys you have beaten in fights before, but I don't think for a second that I'm like them. I'm a very special guy even in the Ha family."[10]
  • (To Kallavan while fighting him) "Sorry. I didn't want to kill someone with such a bright future ahead. But now, I have got a lot more people to look after. There is still so much that I have to protect."[29]
  • (Talking about Viole to himself) "To be honest, I wanted to say it right then. Loneliness scares me more than anything too. Someone wanted to trap me in a prison of loneliness for thousands, millions of hours. So I'm using you to get revenge against him. But I just couldn't bring myself to say it. I'm sorry."[30]
  • (Talking about Viole to Khun Maschenny Zahard) "The 'Key to opening the door to the battle'.. You make it sound so easy. I was with him for a few years, but I still don't know what that kid is. You act like you know something you have never even experienced. Don't underestimate yourself, Princess. You know nothing about those ancient beasts you mentioned, and even less about that boy. None of us knows what that boy will become in the future."[31]
  • (To Viole in his flashback with him) "That's enough. Don't say something you don't mean. It really hurt, didn't it? If you don't feel like it, you don't have to come back. Be happy. That is the only reason I taught you."[32]
  • (Thinking about Viole to himself) "Sorry Viole. I didn't want you to get hurt or suffer ever again. If this really is fate, you are going to have to suffer a bit more, and get a bit stronger."[31]
  • (To Karaka after giving him his armor) "This armor is not for revenge. It's for surviving. You became a slayer at such a young age. You'll make a lot of enemies as time goes on. This will help keep you alive. Don't risk your life for some idea or revenge. Just stay alive, no matter what. All I want is for you to stay alive Karaka."[33]


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Adori ZahardAri Bright SharonAri HanArie Hagipherione ZahardArie HonArlen GraceAugusgusBaek RyunBaylord DoomBaylord PaulBaylord YamaBerdychCanzonChaDorian FrogDowonElpathionEnryuEurasia BlossomEurasia Enne ZahardEvan EdrokEvankhellGadoGaram ZahardGrace Mirchea LuslecGrand De JahGrand De SahHa CheonheeHa JinsungHa Yuri ZahardHa YurinHeice ZahardHendo Lok BloodmadderJoochunKallavanKarakaKendrick DielKhel HellamKhul Nissam KayKhun EduanKhun Hynd LuchKhun Marco AsensioKhun Maschenny ZahardKhun Royale ElliotLo Po Bia DokokoLo Po Bia Family HeadLo Po Bia FucileLo Po Bia Ha SatchaLo Po Bia HaratchaLo Po Bia LefavLo Po Bia YasratchaMadoracoMcCageMolic One P. GRNyono WanPhantaminumPo Bidau GustangPo Bidau Lyborick KhunQuadradoSoo-ohSophia TanTu Perie TperieUrek MazinoVWhiteYeon HanaYolkerZahard
AiHwa RyunYuto
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"Enemy" 1"Huge Enemy" 1AlexAmagutaArie InietaArie Rose ZahardBelluxBlue SkinBlue Skin AnnouncerBongsoBoondawanBruceBrugelBulgasarioBullbackCanhongDedeDeng DengDoraDu TongFabregasFelixGoonterHa ChaiHanool KangHell JoeHendo Lok Gladmerry ZahardHesseHong DanhwaHurt RegularHyun ChungJ.MJourdanJääskelKatraKellKhun Maria ZahardKim LurkerKoerKongLee SowaLee SoyongLee XiawunLegLevyLo Po Bia Lilial ZahardLo Po Bia Shilial ZahardLouieLukaMachaMahanMarteMedinaMiyaMoguriMonkeymanMoontariMr. MoleNavigatorNya NiaPaul BelkrohnPierrePinnaclePoloPoro PoeRapdevilRed BeardRed GreymonRed GuyRianRidongRodniRyu-AhnSnakemanSsongSulsaTebo & LeboTinTochiToulalanTravellerTrioUnnamed Green ParasiteVaragarvVariel VaniViviolgaWalcottWhite/AlbeldaWhite/AnnaWhite/CloneWhite/DavidWhite/HoaqinWhite/VicenteXia LuluYeongsukYukanYuni Sona
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Alphid ZahardAn ZahardAnak Zahard (Original)Ari HanArie Hagipherione ZahardArlen GraceAshul EdwaruAugusgusBaylord DoomBaylord PaulBaylord YamaBerdychCanzonCuldenDaleetDeath BirdDeath KarambitEvan EdrokFUG RankerFUG Ranker 2FluxGadoGaram ZahardGrand De JahGrand De SahGrandeGrommH-23Ha CheonheeHa RudaHeice ZahardHollyImortJayJoochunKahlerKendrick DielKhaneKhel HellamKhul Nissam KayKhun Royale ElliotKnife (Ranker)Lo Po Bia FucileLo Po Bia Ha SatchaLo Po Bia HaratchaLo Po Bia PorpMadoracoMcCageMisebichiMolic One P. GRMr. NeonbagMs. Ice StrawberryMs. Ice Strawberry's PartnerMuleNanatonaNomaPanPephomemore SetoPhantaminumPo Bidau Lyborick KhunPokenPondo ZahardPowlerQuadradoRR's TwinRebecca Pon ZahardRed BrubyaRed HornTallTinker RocheTinker YolcheTonkiTu RahUnnamed Po BidauVVentiWater JellyWhiteYolkerYujeYunie ZahardYuram Zahard
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"Enemy" 1Adori ZahardAleksai AmigochazAmagutaAppleAri Bright SharonArie HonArie InietaArlen GraceBel BerhinoBelluxBeniamino CassanoBero BeroBetaBlarouseBoondawanBoroBruceBrugelBulgasarioBullbackChaCharlieChichiDaniel HatchidDavid HockneyDea FlukeDedeDes LionDoraDorian FrogDédé KanchoEdin DanErik BiyonEurasia BlossomEurasia Enne ZahardFUG RankerFUG Ranker 2FelixFull BlackGaram ZahardGoonGreen PhilGreyHa ChaiHa CheonheeHa JinsungHa RudaHa Yuri ZahardHa YurinHana YuHanool KangHatsuHaxHollyHon AkraptorHong ChunhwaHong DanhwaHoshiHyun ChungInoa YoranJa WangnanJaina Repellista ZahardJourdanJuglom GoteKal RahimKallavanKang HoryangKatraKehellmanKellKendrick DielKhaneKhul Nissam KayKhun AgnisKhun Aguero AgnisKhun EduanKhun HachulingKhun Hynd LuchKhun KiseiaKhun Marco AsensioKhun Maria ZahardKhun MaschennyKhun Maschenny ZahardKhun RanKim LurkerKoerKonKurudanLee SowaLee SoyongLee XiawunLegLeo CloakerLeon 3Lero-RoLo Po Bia AlphineLo Po Bia ElaineLo Po Bia Lilial ZahardLo Po Bia PorpLo Po Bia RenLo Po Bia Shilial ZahardMachaMahanMauchiMichaelMisebichiMs. Ice StrawberryNamoNavigatorNomaNovickPanditPedroPhonsekal DrakPhonsekal IrurePhonsekal LaurePhonsekal YururePo Bidau GustangPo Bidau Lyborick KhunPoro PoePrincePurple Eye BrothersQuaetro BlitzQuant BlitzRed BeardRed HairReflejoRidongRocitane EgelRodniRoen YuiaRoyal ParkRozéalRujonRyu-AhnRyuaSachi FakerSerena RinnenShip LeesooShopinSolaSophia AmaeSophia TanStuah ArthurSunwoo NareThe BossTinTinker RocheTinker YolcheTochiToroToulalanTravellerTwenty-Fifth BaamUchaUnnamed Captain 1Unnamed Commander 1Unnamed KhunUnnamed Po BidauUrek MazinoVVariel VaniVerdiWalkinWhiteWhite/AlbeldaWhite/AnnaWhite/DavidWhite/HoaqinWhite/VicenteXia LuluYellowYeo GosengYeo MisengYeon HanaYeon IlardeYeon WoonYeon YihwaYeongsukYolkerYu Bok-DolYu Han SungYuliu MataYung ChangsooYuni SonaYuryuZahard
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Baylord DoomBaylord PaulBaylord YamaBerdychBongsoBuelsar ElliotButlerCanhongCanzonChang BlarodeCuldenDeng DengDu TongGadoGrandeGyugungJordanKatuLouieLukaRR's TwinRianRolandRuel MonTallVaragarvVenti
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