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The Ha Family (하 가문, Ha Gamun) is one of the 10 Great Families lead by Ha Yurin.


Ha Yurin had twins with another Great Family leader, Ari Han, yet they never married.[2] Staying unmarried--although she had many other relationships since--she never gave birth again.

Because of this, the Ha Family does not have many branch families and the main branch of the family is centered around Yurin's two daughters.[2] However, the two daughters do not have a friendly relationship and each claims to be the rightful heir to the family. Because of this, even within the Ha Family, there is a not-so-small quarrel about this matter.[2]

With the birth of Ha Yuri Zahard who ultimately became one of Zahard's Princesses and greatly resembles family head Yurin, the Ha Family have placed their family's faith in Yuri, hoping that she would collect the remaining 13 Month Series.[2] Because of this, Yuri's sobriquet (Black Snake Head) takes after her great-grandmother’s (Snake Head).

Within the family, Ha Yurin's presence as the head is more symbolic, and she rarely governs the clan herself.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Body Reinforcement

Main article: Body Reinforcement

The members of the Ha Family are known for their reputation of having incredible physical strength. The younger generation contributed greatly to this so-called reputation "thick skin" because they tend to use their bodies like "sandbags" without using any real skills. Ha Jinsung commented that Ha Family are actually specialized in martial arts techniques.[3] Their super physical strength, combined with Contract with the Administrators, Ha Family have the strongest Body Reinforcement ability in the Tower.

Known Members

High Rankers



Known Branch Families

  • Hayeol (possibly)

Notes and Trivia

  • Ha Yurin is like a god within the Ha Family but she rarely engages in outside activities.
  • Ha is also a real-life Korean last name.
  • According to SIU the family trait of the Ha Family is that they are machos.[5]
  • Although not confirmed, it is assumed that "Hayeol" (하열, hayeol) may be the branch family that Novick originates from.
  • Like the Yeon Family, it is said that the Ha Family is matriarchal.[6]
  • The Ha Family and Khun Family don't have a good relationship.[7]
  • SIU had stated that he personally like the Ha Family. They have this sense of "No matter what, charge forward" mentally, and feel more human than the other 10 Great Families. Of course, their physical capacity is extremely unhuman.[8]
  • In Ha Family, the children of family head own children are treated with the same respect as for the direct descendents. Like in Yuri's case, she is the direct descendent of two family head, and it is like a super DNA.[9]
  • Lo Po Bia Ha Satcha main family should be Lo Po Bia, as it is listed first just like the Zahard's princesses.



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