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Ha Cheonhee (하 천희, Ha Cheon Hui) is a High Ranker from the Ha Family. She is the Commander of the 2nd division of Kallavan's 4th army corp of Zahard's Army.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Ha Cheonhee has pale skin, red eyes, wears blue and red eyeliner, has a blue gem in her forehead, and has long black hair which is tied back. She wears gold and blue armour with two giant rings on her back. She appears to be in the habit of keeping her left eye closed.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Last Station

She is commanding the army during the attack on the Last Station against Baam and his team. After a while a mysterious regular came out of the train and proclaimed he is White, she then wondered if it was the real White because she and Dorian Frog both felt something powerful within the mysterious regular. The mysterious regular, however, was blown away by Frog. Later the Hell Train fell apart and she noticed the regulars were trying to deceive the army and stopped the train car easily, quickly capturing the regulars in that train car. After the mysterious regular recovered, he went all out on Frog, almost killing him if Ha Cheonhee didn't help block the attack. She later met with Ha Yuri Zahard, complimenting her looks and achievements. Suspecting that Yuri is helping the regulars, she lets Yuri hear about her plan to execute the captured regulars in order to lure out the other regulars hiding in the last station where rankers cannot enter.


Sylpheed ha cheonhee.jpg

After things have settled down, a huge explosion occurred in a warship, with Yu Hansung, Evankhell, and Karaka's Minions coming out of it. When one of Karaka's Minion tried to destroy one of the warships, Ha Cheonhee blew off his off, telling him if he tries it again, she'll rip off his head. Standing in front of the last station, she waits for the regulars to come out. When the regulars finally came out, Yu Hansung came and attacked Ha Cheonhee, but it was blocked easily. She then proceeds to attack Yu Hansung, almost killing him, but was protected by an unknown ability which she immediately looked at Yuri knowing it was probably her. The regulars of Zahard's Army came to assist Cheonhee, where she gave them a chance to help but Baam manifested an orb, and easily defeated the C-Class regulars, Cheonhee couldn't believe how a D-Class regular can create an orb and defeat high ranking regulars instantly, saying that he is definitely no ordinary regular.


At the same time, Yuri Zahard and Ha Cheonhee start fighting, and after a flashback showing how they met and their past story, Yuri overwhelms Cheonhee.

Karaka convinces Baam to leave the battlefield. Charlie tries to stop him so Baam has to stab himself with the Black March, getting an overwhelming power that allowed him to defend himself against the Rankers and facilitate the escape of Androssi, Miseng and the hostages, but right before they get to escape, Kallavan shows up in front of Baam and stops him. Kallavan tells Baam about Ha Jinsung and how he died. Baam's reaction was to attack him with the Black March, achieving nothing. Yuri Zahard leaves her fight with Ha Cheonhee to protect Baam from Kallavan. Baam gets enraged by Kallavan's acts and uses the second thorn, stabbing himself with it.

New Wave

After Baam and his friends managed to escape from the 4th Army Corp of the Zahard's Army by warping the Last Station and then hides it with the special ability "Invisible Area" of the Madoraco's Ghost Ship, Ha Cheonhee was seen to aboard a small Floating Ship with Dorian Frog where they discussed their next plan to chase after the Irregular Baam. Suddenly, their warship was intercepted and confronted by a huge Floating Castle of the Po Bidau Family with Po Bidau Gustang on board. Soon after, an Unnamed Po Bidau appeared in mid-air to deliver a message. After the guy asked who was the officer in charge, Cheonhee speaks and ask what could be the reason for their interference with the Zahard's Army. Gustang then only teleported Rachel and Yura Ha, except Ha Yuri Zahard from the Cheonhee's warship and leaves immediately.

Tower of God: Part 3

The Wall with a Sleeping Forget-Me-Not

Cheonhee was suddenly contacted by commander Kallavan via Pocket. Kallavan was on an infiltration mission at the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence where the war hero Dowon was sealed. Before Kallavan speaks about the main reason why he suddenly contacted Cheonhee, he first asked Cheonhee about the current situation on her side. Cheonhee replied that the current 4th Army Corp is moving in complete secrecy because it seems like they're going to defend something, but Cheonhee wasn't exactly sure. (Which later was revealed to be The Nest.) Kallavan also asked about what's the new corps commander looks like, and Cheonhee answered that he's hard to pin down. After having that small conversation, Kallavan then asked for Cheonhee's advice on how to make a stubborn woman change her mind, mainly because she is a woman too. Cheonhee replied that she never really thought about the differences between genders because she has been so focused on training to get stronger. However, Cheonhee answered again that whenever someone has set their minds on something for a long time, it usually means that they have been waiting and preparing for something. Cheonhee then said that Kallavan just needed to wait for the right moment and time where that woman will change her mind.[2]

The Intrusion

Cheonhee was seen on board of a warship and ordered the Unnamed Captain 1 to get ready into battle position to keep the shinsu cannon ships moving forward so their defence won't fall apart while the High Rankers are fighting and not to let any single living creature get past the first wall. She then continued to warn her Lieutenant to never let his guard down just because the Zahard's Army outnumbered the enemies. She further warned him that even a High Ranker can go down in the blink of an eye in war.

Later, Cheonhee went to confront Slayer Karaka who was destroying the shinsu cannon ships so the Canine People small fighter ships can join the battle. Cheonhee used her Sylpheed to block Karaka's tendrils attack. Before they fight, Cheonhee and Karaka have a small conversation about who will win this war. After confidently stated that FUG has nothing to lose in this war, Karaka then charged and attacked Cheonhee.[3]

A Rough War

When Kallavan appeared in front of Baam, Hwa Ryun quickly contacted Karaka and Evankhell to regroup at Baam's location. After hearing the message, Karaka who was still fighting and defend against Cheonhee's attack then quickly summoned many black balls and surrounded Cheonhee with it to distract her while he went into hiding. When Cheonhee punched one of the balls, suddenly she got absorbed and disappeared without a trace.[4] Turns out later, she was teleported to Karaka's Heart location as part of Karaka's strategy himself. After Cheonhee entered the place, Yu Han Sung suddenly appeared from the shadows along with Gromm and Death Bird preparing to gang up attack on Cheonhee. Knowing that she is going to fight several enemies, Cheonhee intended to not going down without a fight, drawing out her Shining Fan immediately.[5]

Powers and Abilities

Sylpheed Spears

Ha Cheonhee is an extremely strong High Ranker, as she showed no effort to block Yu Hansung's strong attack, and ended up almost killing him had Yuri not stepped in and blocked her attack. She also lifted a train car that was detached and falling down using 'telekinesis' and raised the hell train's car by merely flicking upwards.[6] In the past, Cheonhee and Yuri Ha Zahard fought in practice matches, the latter claiming that she never managed to beat Cheonhee even once, a further testament to her power. However, she later reveals that she was holding back and in the present, overwhelms Cheonhee but did say that even had she tried her best in their childhood, Yuri wasn't sure she could win. During the Battle of The Nest, Cheonhee proved capable of pressuring the Slayer Karaka into the defensive, with Karaka opting to use a skill that teleported her to the entrance of a very special place to deal with her. She was also able to battle Yu Hansung, Gromm and Death Bird by herself to a stalemate, appearing uninjured by the time Karaka decided to return her and Hansung to the battlefield.


  • Sylpheed: A hovering cannon-like set of spears that have offensive and defensive capabilities.[7][8]
  • Shining Fan: A giant fan that creates a sharp blast that can empower Yu Han Sung.[8] The fan was also used to create a demon-like being made of wind.
    • Vortex of Doom: The wind demon creates a giant vortex and it hurls at Yuri.


  • Ha Yuri Zahard: In their early days, they trained together and she thought Yuri would become a Ranker without a problem. She may be jealous of Yuri getting most of the attention from the family head and excessive praises from members of the family. She believes she is not worthy of being a princess of Zahard.



  • (When Yuri showed up) "...all troops - show the utmost respect to the Princess. All troops in Squadron 4, Division 2 of Zahard's Army - bow before the great master of the 13th Month!!"[9]
  • (To Yuri) "Why are you being like this?! It's so unlike a Princess!! Zahard's Princesses are supposed to be the pride and joy to King Zahard and his family! Dying by the King's orders is part of your honor as one of King Zahard's Princesses! When are you going to stop acting up like this?! If you resist, Princess, I will capture you by force if I have to!!"[10]
  • (Thoughts about Ha Yuri) "The most talented person in the family...? You call a girl with a weak punch like that the most talented person in our family!?"[11]
  • (To Yuri) "I have known since back then. Because of the nonchalant personality of yours! That casual way of talking and acting! I thought you might have come to your senses now that you are a Princess, but if anything, you are even less aware of your own status than ever! You were never worthy of being a Princess from the very start! If you are just going to harm our family's reputation, you might as well die right here! Why the hell does our family leader like you so much?!"[11]
  • (To Yuri) "If you want to live by your own rules, then give up your title as a Princess! You were never worthy of being one of Zahard's Princesses!"[12]
  • (To Yuri after being defeated by her) "My storm is blocking everything now. If you and I keep our mouths shut, no one will call you a traitor! Please don't make such a foolish choice! You may be a loose cannon, but you are a Princess from our family!"[13]

Notes and Trivia

  • Cheonhee's appearance with makeup seems to be modelled after traditional paintings of Bodhisattva, any person who is on the path towards Buddhahood.



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