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Ha Chai (하챠이, Hachyai) is a Regular that is a reclusive fighter who refused to become a Ranker.[1] Since he refused to become ranker, then he should be categorized as A-Rank Regular.



Appearance and Personality

He has an elder appearance with tanned skin, he was shown wearing a robe and a pair goggles.

Tower of God: Part 3 - Deng Deng

Baam met Ha Chai somewhere in the middle of the tower after Baam beat all of Ha Chai's apprentices. Ha Chai taught Baam martial arts because he owes Evankhell favour.

Powers and Abilities

Ha Chai is a talented fighter who taught Baam new martial arts. One of the skills Baam learned from him is called "Zero (0)".

Notes and Trivia


  • (To Baam) "You are strong and you have got a lot of power, but that's why you are trying even harder to find yourself. It might not hard to clear your mind and start rebuilding your power from scratch. Not even I have reached the limit of 'Ultimate Martial Arts', but you must just be able to. And once you have cleared enough space in your mind, you will be able to obtain even greater power. It's time for you to start rebuilding what you have from zero."[3]
  • (To Baam) "I didn't choose to be a Ranker because I thought I would be depraved if I keep seeking for the stronger powers. But now I realized that you have dangerous power in you. Yes, maybe I over-worried myself. But you are a peculiar one. You don't try to surpress or dominate other people with your power. I don't see any kind of wickedness from you. Although many are bond to have it as they gain more power. There is a saying that God gives the power only to the qualified ones. Tragically, that is not true. But seeing you by my side, I had to thank God. Because you deserve the power you can keep seeking for 'Strongness'."[4]



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