H-14 was a Ranker and a member of Kallavan's 4th corp of Zahard's Army.[1]

Appearance and Personality

H-14 has fair skin and long, blonde hair with long bangs covering her golden eyes. On her head she has pink-white antennas. She wears a pink tight suit and white shoes. On her back, H-14 has two thrusters, which help her with quick maneuvering.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station

H-14 was sent to the Last Station as part of the Advance Team from the 4th corp of Zahard's Army. Their mission was to kill everyone on the Hell Train. When the train was heading into the station, she intervened with other Rankers. H-14 used her 4 Observers to slow down the train using the skill Speed Control. Then Prowler and Water Jelly managed to stop the train.
H-14 observers

H-14's Observers

When Princess Yuri fought Karaka, H-14 was attacked by White, who used used Dance of the Dead. That technique astonished and killed her.

Powers and Abilities

H-14 was a Scout and she was using 4 Observers at the Last Station.

  • Observer - Speed Control (옵저버 속력 제어, Objeobeo Soglyeog Jeeo): H-14 placed her 4 Observers around her target and activated them. This ability was able to stop the speeding Hell Train. It has a similar effect to one of the capabilities of Lighthouses.[2]


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