Gyetang (계탕, Gaetang) was a Regular and a Spear Bearer first seen on the 25th Floor. He was a fan of Androssi Zahard and had joined Koon's team to get a chance to meet her. He was also the team's cook, though his team-mate Novick was said to have been the best cook of his team.

Appearance and Personality

Gyetang was a large yellow bird, slightly resembling a chocobo from the Final Fantasy series. He was normally dressed in a sari-like robe with colourful patches. He also had a mysterious, large object resembling a shuriken strapped to his back. His personality was unknown.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Connecting Fences

He was seen in the field with Koon's other teammates as Novik introduced Dan to them. He immediately forfeited along with Michael and Apple as Novick proposed a power ranking fight and started fighting. Later on, he was seen with his other teammates as they listened to Koon's plans.

Devil of the Right Arm

Koon wanted him to come with him to capture the Devil of the Right Arm, but he apparently had bird flu and was tended to by Michael. Later, however, it was revealed that he had actually been poisoned by Michael himself and was dead by the end of the arc. Even after he was dead, Michael horrifically continued to give him poison and medical advice with a smiling face.

Powers and Abilities

Gyetang abilities remain unknown, though they should have been exceptional as he wouldn't have been recruited into Koon's team otherwise. He was ranked the third strongest member of his team, not counting Koon. There seemed to have been a gap in power between Gyetang and Novick, seeing that he had immediately decided to forfeit in Novick's proposed power ranking fight. It can be presumed that he used his giant shuriken to fight.

Notes and Trivia

  • His name is a pun, as the names of many Korean soup dishes end with the syllables "-gyetang." which mean "a chickensoup." Samgyetang is an example ("Sam" means ginseng, so "Samgyetang" means chicken soup with ginseng, Korean nourishing food).


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