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They are the ones blessed by the Tower with the knowledge of all the paths within, to assist in its navigation, and, at times, are even able to foresee the future and change it.

Yu Han Sung introducing Hwa Ryun to Rachel, Vol.1 Chapter 77

The Guide (길잡이, Giljahbi; "one who chooses and leads the way") is a special position that leads the way for the team. As special position is not standalone position, during battle, Guide will also assume one of the five primary position.[1]


A Silver Dwarf and a Red Witch

Within the Tower there are two known prominent species with the potential ability to guide. Such species are categorised as the Silver Dwarves and the Red Witches.[2] Silver Dwarves are known for their distinctive silver hair and short stature whilst the Red Witches are known for their bright red hair.[3]

When Khun Aguero Agnis asked her how she was present on the 29th Floor despite having failed the Floor of Test, Hwa Ryun replied that "I can go anywhere. I'm a Guide, after all",[4] implying that Guides can reach Floors without passing the tests normally necessary to do so. This is further confirmed by SIU stating that Hwa Ryun had technically failed on the Second Floor.[5]

SIU described Guides as a human GPS that can tell the best move or make predictions, but how that comes to be is not known until he further explains it. So even if they predicted that someone would die in a month they cannot give any specific way to avoid it, but they can try their best. Of course, a prediction a day or an hour ahead can be more detailed, someone can't avoid it once you end up on the wrong path.[6]

Both Silver Dwarf and Red Witch Guides must travel through the 43rd Floor as a pilgrimage.[7] For Red Witches, their place of pilgrimage is Gallstone Village, to which they rely on the memories that have been passed down from their ancestry to find it. Silver Dwarves also have a place on the 43rd Floor they go on a pilgrimage to, although it was stated by Evan to be in a state of ruin.[7]


A Guide usually works as a team with a Light Bearer. While the Light Bearer shines light upon the dark surroundings, the Guide may lead its team through the most advantageous route. Generally, the Guide locates the path and conveys the information to the Light Bearer, who then transmit the information to the entire team. However, if the Guide is travelling on a safer path and doesn't need a Light Bearer, then they probably use a Pocket to illuminate the surroundings.[8] Guides, however, have quite low battle capabilities.[9]

Guides have excellent analysis skills, and an A-Rank Guide can determine the power of an individual just by looking at them. However, Evan Edrok failed to assess Baam's inherent qualities and thought of him as average. Guides seen so far in the series have displayed an uncommon intuition as to what was going on, most likely due to their ability to read and understand 'paths'.

However, the most notorious trait of a Guide is the ability of "seeing" the paths of the Tower and instructing someone on the path they can take. However, a Guide can only teach the path to those who are capable of walking it.[10] During the events of Headon's test Evan Edrok didn't help Baam during the Guardian's Test on the 1st Floor because an ordinary person would die if they had tried the solution.[10]

As stated above, Yu Han Sung describes Guides as being able to foresee the future and even change it.[11] Guides are able to find "hidden" things in the Tower and to read one's fate (though not those of Rachel, if not all Irregulars[12]). Moreover, solving complex puzzles and avoiding traps come preternaturally to them.[5] Guides are also capable of seeing their own destiny so they neither fear nor try to avoid their own death, that's how each Guide accepts their individual fate.[7]

The speciality of Silver Dwarves tends to be seeing the crossroads right in front of them whereas the speciality of Red Witches tends to be seeing fate.[13]

The Living Ignition Weapon Emile can prevent Guides from using their full abilities.[14] Likewise, according to Evan Edrok, their abilities are inhibited on the Floor of Death.[15]

Known Guides

Notes and Trivia

  • Guides cannot be "owned".[17][18] Yet any Princess of Zahard is entitled to a Guide upon becoming a Ranker thanks to a contract of the Zahard Family.[19]
  • Hwa Ryun and Yuto are the only Regular Guides (even though Hwa Ryun had already failed on the second floor).[5] It is not known whether Alumik or Ai are Rankers or have not been chosen to climb at all.
  • The Po Bidau Family's Research Institute forbids the research of the Guide Position, although the Family Head, Po Bidau Gustang, is fascinated with it. It is believed that he is saving the research for himself.[20]
  • Aside from whether they are Rankers or High Rankers, the presence of a Guide has a huge impact on a battlefield.[21]

Alternate Translations

  • Navigator[22] (Line Webtoon)



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