Grobin was an E-rank Regular fulfulling the Spear Bearer position of Team Mad Dog; he was killed while participating in the Workshop Battle.

Appearance and Personality

With light blue skin, a large muscular body and a pair of black horns protruding from the side of his head, Grobin closely resembled a demon. He wielded a long pole-like weapon that had a piston-like end.[1]

Powers and Abilities

As a part of one of the two strongest E-rank teams, it can be assumed that Grobin was a powerful Spear Bearer. However his combat abilities had not been expanded on much and he was easily defeated by Horyang and Novick.[2]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle


He first appears during the semi-finals of the team-based portion of the Workshop Battle, ready to face the FUG team. At the start of the battle he stands beside the Wave Controller Pandit as she sends shinsoo blasts at Horyang and Cassano.


He is one of the guards that is guarding the door that leads to the place where Viole is being held captive. He, alongside Pandit, faces Horyang and Novick but is defeated.


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