Grey (그레이) was a Regular who was assigned the Wave Controller position but later failed. She was one of the people who travelled in Koon's Manbarondenna in the first half of the Floor of test.

Appearance and Personality

Grey was a plain looking human girl with very pale skin, black hair set in a bob and dark eyes. She wore a grey skirt and a black shirt with grey collars.

Tower of God: Part 1

Crown Game

Her team, including Kukaku Rakukakuka and Blarouse, participated in the fourth Round of the Crown Game in order to help Koon. After defeating Le-Ara she returned back to the team's room with the rest of her team.

Position Test

She was assigned to the Wave Controller position for the Position Test and was seen practising with all the other Wave Controllers. She ultimately failed the Position Test however.

Powers and Abilities

Grey seemed to possess the ability to stun enemies with Shinsoo.

Alternate Translations

  • (Korean Pronunciation) Geu-rae-ee
  • Gray