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Green Revolution Crew is a group of Sponsored Regulars led by Pinnacle and they work for Zahard's Army.[1]


Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station

The leader or captain of the Green Revolution Crew, Pinnacle arrived at the Last Station, as one of the regulars employed by Zahard's Army. He said that the Green Revolution Crew was chosen to lead the attack against the regulars on the Hell Train.[1]

Pinnacle enticed his subordinate Kong with million of sardines to boost his courage to open the train door because he is the only Hell Express Ticket Holder in Green Revolution Crew. When they approached the train, the door opened by itself and Slayer Karaka stepped out from the door, leaving Pinnacle and Kong scared to death. Karaka tried to asked them why they want to board the train, but then Karaka was attacked by Misebichi and Yuryu.[1]

During the ongoing battle and big attack launched by White, Pinnacle and Kong chose to approach the train again because they want to get some money Points. When another train door opened up near them, big orange vines of Sachi Faker captured their floating ship, knocking off Pinnacle and Kong from the ship. Both were presumed to be dead from falling off from such heights.[2]

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