The Green April (초록 사월, 草綠 四月, Chorok Sawol; "Green Fourth Moon") is a weapon of the 13 Month Series. It was first owned by Anak Zahard's mother who was a Princess, then by Anak herself and is currently in the possession of Yuri Zahard.

It is a Hook capable of elongating and as it's also a Compression Weapon; Ignition will decompress part or all of it. When Ignited, the Green April could turn a place into "a massive forest". The Green April is a 7B-rank Hook, which most likely becomes A-Rank when Ignited.

Appearance and Personality

In its debut form, it has sharp teeth and short, wavy hair. The weapon's personality is not known, as its form has been seen so little. It seems quite sadistic, and enjoys being used in combat. Later, its true form is revealed on the 43rd floor when Yuri Zahard tried to ignite both Black March and Green April.

In its true humanoid form, Green April assumes the appearance of a young lady who has pale skin and very short dark green hair dressed in a sleeveless and strapless green dress. She has two slightly longer pieces of hair on either side of her face, as well as having bangs. She also has green eyes, as well as elf-like ears. It has the ability to communicate with its user, as well as others of the 13 Months which are ignited.

Not much is known about it's personality. However, when Yuri ignited Green April, it warned her not to ignite two of the 13 Months at once as it did not wish for a repeat of what happened to Yuram Zahard. More specifically, it objected to Yuri seeking to ignite two of the 13 Month series at once as it would lead to the loss of the latter's sanity. Thus, it is safe to assume that Green April is at least sometimes cautious. Like Black March, Green April consider Yuri to be somewhat of an idiot.


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