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Green April (초록 사월, 草綠 四月, Chorok Sawol; "Green Fourth Moon") is one of the 13 Month Series made by the blacksmith or crafts master, Ashul Edwaru. The weapon is sentient and has a girl spirit inside it. It was first owned by Anak Zahard's mother who was a Princess, then by Anak herself. The weapon is currently in the possession of Ha Yuri Zahard.

It is a Hook capable of elongating and as it's also a Compression Weapon; Ignition will decompress part or all of it. When Ignited, the Green April could turn a place into "a massive forest". The Green April is a 7B-rank Hook, which most likely becomes A-Rank when Ignited.

Appearance and Personality

In its debut form, it has sharp teeth and short, wavy hair. The weapon's personality is not known, as its form has been seen so little. However, it seems quite sadistic and enjoys being used in combat. Later, its true form is revealed on the 43rd floor when Yuri Zahard tried to ignite both Black March and Green April.

In its true humanoid form, Green April assumes the appearance of a young lady who has pale skin and very short dark green hair dressed in a sleeveless and strapless green dress. She has two slightly longer pieces of hair on either side of her face, as well as having bangs. She also has green eyes, as well as elf-like ears. It has the ability to communicate with its user, as well as others of the 13 Months which are ignited.

Not much is known about its personality. However, when Yuri ignited Green April, it warned her not to ignite two of the 13 Months at once as it did not wish for a repeat of what happened to Yuram Zahard. More specifically, it objected to Yuri seeking to ignite two of the 13 Month series at once as it would lead to the loss of the latter's sanity. Thus, it is safe to assume that Green April is at least sometimes cautious. Like Black March, Green April consider Yuri to be somewhat of an idiot.

Tower of God: Part 1

Evankhell's Hell

Green April was first seen used by Anak Zahard during her fight with Hatsu at the first test of Second Floor which is a battle royale on the place which appears to be a wheat farm. Nothing much happened in this fight besides Anak whipping the Green April while she jumped in the air. In this fight, the Green April has shown one of its ability to increase or extend it's hook's length.[1]

Crown Game (arc)

Anak Zahard used Green April to intimidate Dédé Kancho when she swang it in front of him. She did it to prevent Dédé from moving forward even further to close the gap between him and Anak.[2] After she beat Dédé, Shopin, and Kon, Phonsekal Laure attacked Anak with shinsu blast. Annoyed by the shinsu attack of Laure, Anak ignited the Green April. As the weapon decompressed and enlarge to giant size, it almost hit Laure before he dodged the attack and managed to escape the fatal hit by flying away with his blanket.[3] Seeing that Laure can escape, Anak was was unsatisfied and attack him again in the second try. This time, Green April can become like a Forest by growing multiple vines extensions from its main branch.[4]

Last Examination

A Royal Enforcement Division member, Lo Po Bia Ren who went undercover as the Wave Controller class teacher with the name "Yuga" interfere in the test to retrieve the Green April and kill Anak as part of his main mission from the Zahard Family. Anak tried to fight Ren, but she was easily defeated with one of Ren's toys which seems to be a modified Observer. Anak was stabbed in the chest and she quickly fell to the ground along with the Green April.[5] When she tried to pick up the Green April, Ren appeared from behind the dark shadow and stored it inside his costume. After he managed to retrieve the Green April, Ren didn't kill Anak right away because he thought it would be boring to kill her so easily, instead, he brought the Bull who succeed to capture Androssi Zahard with its tentacle. Ren then awoke Androssi from her sleep and challenged her to kill Anak to let go of his suspicion that Androssi was helping Anak. Ren then gave the Green April to Androssi so she can execute Anak.[6] However, Androssi refuse to kill Anak and asked her to lend the Black March then both of them attacked Ren. Later, Princess Ha Yuri Zahard appeared and questioning Ren as to why he bullied her younger sisters.[7] Short story, Ren tried to fight Yuri but he failed after Yuri easily killed all his shinheuhs with just one flick of her finger as self defense. In order for Yuri to legally attack Ren, Yuri then ordered Kurudan to attack Ren. Kurudan struck a strong gravity pressure from far away and wrecked Ren's fake body. In the end, Yuri confiscated the Green April because it was still too "heavy" for Anak to handle as Regular. She told and promise Anak that she will return the Green April when she finally became a Ranker. Yuri also retrieved the Black March during this event.[8]

Tower of God: Part 2

Yuri is in possession of the Green April for most of Volume 2, but rarely uses it in combat, she prefers to use her fists in battle in most of her fights.

The Floor of Death

Black March and Green April preparing to ignite simultaneously

Yuri first uses the Green April in the Floor of Death against one of Hell Joe's underlings, Walcott, under Hwa Ryun's advice. Hwa Ryun advised Yuri to only fight with 13 Month Series because the residents of Floor of Death are protected with a special spell that made them seemingly "immortal". The 13 Months Series can cancel their immortality spell.[9]

Yuri then took out Green April and Black March together and ignite them. Because of the influence and aura of the Green April, the spirit of Black March who prefers handsome males over her female's owner commented "I had a feeling you were nearby" to the spirit of the Green April. Both of Black March and Green April then discuss which one of them will lend their ignition power to Yuri. Black March said to Yuri that she can only borrow power from one of them. Green April then continue that Yuri can't use both of them since it will activate the special curse and Yuri's body will be possessed with the Ghost of the 13 Months.[9] Despite the warning, Yuri refuses to listen and push her luck to ignite the Black March and Green April together at the same time. In the end, the Ghost of the 13 Months took over the control of her body, where she barely escapes from the control of the ghosts.

The Last Station

After having ignited Green April once, she seems more confident in using it in combat. She used the Black March and Green April again at the Last Station. She was able to use the compression ability of Green April, (means that she can ignite it) and proceed to attack the former commander Kallavan by whipping it multiple times into his direction. She did this to stall Kallavan so that he can't chase after Baam who tried to escape with Androssi Zahard. However, Yuri's attack with Green April didn't do any harm to Kallavan. The commander didn't even budge and easily blocked the Green April attack with one hand.[10]

Power and Abilities

Upon ignition, Green April has the ability to drastically enlarge and extend its range, capable of reaching opponents from far away. Anak Zahard demonstrated this during the Crown Game as she was able to attack the enemy team despite being confined to the throne chair.[3] Green April can also become a Forest by growing multiple vine extensions from the main branch.[4]

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Notes and Trivia

  • Some fans thought that Yuri's green Shinsu Bubble at the last station battlefield was produced from the Green April, but that's simply a misunderstanding because Yuri has used this shinsu bubble before when she rescued Baam after his fight with Hoaqin. The shinsu bubbles were created directly from her index finger,[11] not from the Green April.



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