Grand De Sah (그랑 드사, Geulang Deusa) is a High Ranker and the former leader of South City on the Floor of Death.[1]


Following the murder of the Floor Guardian, Zahard’s army started killing all survivors from the clash between Enryu and the 43rd Floor Guardian, to prevent rumours about Enryu from spreading. At that time Grand De Jah and his brother, Grand De Sah, High Rankers ruling the Floor at that time found a solution for the ageing and famine that followed the incident. Using their own spell, they created the “Spirit Room” where all the souls of the citizens of the 43rd Floor were stored and developed a way for people to live forever without ageing. Afterwards, the people of the 43rd Floor decided to stay there forever at the cost of their eternal lives, by guarding the holes of the Floor of Death so that their secret would not leak to the outside world.[2]

At some point, he placed Hell Joe in charge of the holes. The latter eventually took over South City and dispossessed Grand De Sah from his position with De Sah imprisoned somewhere inside the city..[3]

Powers and Abilities

Seeing Enryu with his own eyes gave him peculiar abilities.[4]

As one of the co-creator of the Spirit Room at the 43rd Floor, he seems able to use spells.[5]

Notes and Trivia

  • He is one of the few people who saw Enryu and "lived" to tell the tale.[1]


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