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Grand De Jah (그랑 드자, Geulang Deuja) is a High Ranker, the former leader of North City on the Floor of Death and protector of the Spirit Room.[1]


Following the murder of the Floors Guardian, Zahard's Army started killing all survivors from the clash between Enryu and the 43rd Floor Guardian, to prevent rumours about Enryu from spreading. At that time Grand De Jah and his brother, Grand De Sah, the High Rankers who rule the Floor at that time, found a solution for the ageing and famine that followed the incident. Using their own spell, they created "The Spirit Room" where all the souls of the citizens of the 43rd Floor were stored and developed a way for people to live forever without ageing. Afterwards, the people of the 43rd Floor decided to stay there forever at the cost of their eternal lives, by guarding the holes of the Floor of Death so that their secret would not leak to the outside world.[1] After Hell Joe deposed of his brother, Grand De Sah, in South City, he tried to take over North City as well. However, thanks to De Jah's Eyes which is capable of seeing the future, and with the aid of a mysterious woman, made Hell Joe give up on taking over the city. Later, he gave his eyes to David Hockney, somehow capable of leaving the Floor of Death in exchange for doing a secret favour.

At some point, he retired from his position of leader of North City and handed it over to Grand De Lee.

Appearance and Personality

De Jah is a regal looking fellow with noticeably long flowing white hair and a large build. He wears a largely grey-themed attire underneath a dark grey cloak. His hands and arms are covered by silver plating and he conceals his face behind a large beast-like skeleton mask. Originally, he had a pair of uniquely patterned eyes before giving them to David Hockney in exchange for a secret favour. On his head, De Jah wears a crown and he holds a large silver sceptre in his hands. With the loss of his brother Grand de Sah, his personality has unravelled somewhat and he is obsessed with freeing his brother and defeating Hell Joe.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Floor of Death

Excitedly realising that Hockney had brought back his "eyes", De Sah came to the conclusion that Baam was worthy to take his test. With Rachel suddenly arriving and demanding that she also be allowed to take his test, De Sah retorted that he felt a great evil from her. However, upon Baam's insistence that she had been through a lot to get there, De Sah sets the test for the two to complete: defeat Hell Joe!

Powers and Abilities

Seeing Enryu with his own eyes gave him peculiar abilities, notably his "Far-seeing eyes" which allow their bearers to see the future.[2] He later loaned his eyes to Hockney in exchange for doing a secret favour.

As one of the co-creator of the Spirit Room at the 43rd Floor, he seems able to use spells.[3]

Notes and Trivia

  • He is one of the few people who saw Enryu and "lived" to tell the tale.[1]



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