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Grace Mirchea Luslec (그레이스 미르치아 루슬렉, Geuraeiseu Mireuchia Luseulaek) is Slayer No. 1 and the living "god" of the most dangerous and secretive criminal group, FUG, in the Tower.[1]

Although FUG’s true motives and goals are not clearly known, it is true without a doubt that they exist in the shadows of the Tower, hiding and corrupting. People call Luslec the "God of the Devils" (악마들의 신, Ahkmahdeuleui Shin) or "Demon King" (마왕, Mahwahng; 魔王).[1]

Even though the FUG has a dangerous status, the influence of Luslec's group can never surpass the Family Heads of the 10 Great Families, as long as they hold contracts with the Tower's Administrators.[1] Nevertheless, Luslec holds a rank that surpasses a few of the Family Heads. This is because he represents the "Absolute Darkness" of the Tower.[1]


Luslec was one of those that helped the 10 Great Warriors climb the Tower.[1] Garam Zahard stated that he was a warlord serving under the irregular 'V' who was part of Zahard's original 12 companions.[4] No one knows how or why he fell and became the leader of a such a dangerous group; although the author hints that it has something to do with how Zahard became king and the forgotten civil war his master fought against Zahard and the 10 Great Warriors.[5]

In Part II, it is revealed that Twenty-Fifth Baam had joined FUG and adopted his family name, becoming Jyu Viole Grace.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

FUG (arc)

Jinsung mentioned that he would put in a good word to Mirchea about Viole's team remaining a team.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

The Workshop Battle: Epilogue

When Jinsung invaded Karaka's secret base, the former mentioned that Mirchea was very surprised to learn of the attempted murder of Viole by members of FUG.

Tower of God: Part 3

The Nest (Arc)

After the failure of Khel Hellam to try to stop the war with the Canine People to defend the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence, as the war heroes were freed and the Canine People suffered a great loss, Sophia Tan stated that regardless of what Luslec may think, he is unable to act directly yet as it would cause the Family Heads to act as well, resulting in a massive war that would be beyond Jyu Viole Grace's power to intervene in and revealed Luslec wants Baam to grow from these challenges. Hwa Ryun later stated that though Luslec will not be able to participate directly, he will ask the Elders if they want to save Ha Jinsung if Baam knows where he is. Hwa Ryun is later on seen contacting Luslec regarding Baam fighting a Ranker to influence the public so that the Elders of FUG will side with him and assured him that the battle will be a victory.

Powers and Abilities

Apparent in his ranking in 15th place as a High Ranker, Luslec is an amazing warrior, even surpassing some of the Family Heads in rankings. His prowess with his great black Hook is said to be able to pierce anything.[1]


  • Ha Jinsung: Mirchea seems to be quite close to Jinsung, as they are among the few in the higher-ups of FUG who support Baam as a Slayer Candidate, working together to ensure that the other elements of FUG don't have their way with him. This is shown by how Jinsung could confidently promise Luslec would accept his good word of Viole's team remaining a team, which Luslec clearly accepted. Although he could not directly save Jinsung, Luslec was willing to hold a meeting with the Elders and Slayers to ask if they want to help save him.
  • Twenty-Fifth Baam: Baam is the son of his masters lover, Arlen. Luslec has Baam adopt his family name and turns him into the Slayer Candidate Jyu Viole Grace. Luslec appears to be the only one apart from Jinsung in the higher-ups of FUG to believe in him and care for him: Luslec supports Jinsung giving Baam freedom, allowing Jinsung to use his authority along with Jinsung's own to ensure the other elements of FUG doesn't have their way with him. Jinsung noted on how Luslec was perplexed with how members of FUG tried to kill Baam, which was noted to put him in a complex situation, indicating he had went out of his way to protect Baam's status despite the difficulties. Sophia Tan also noted how Luslec would not act directly until Baam has grown strong enough as it would attract the Family Heads and begin an all-out war and that Luslec hopes that Baam will grow from facing his challenges. Regardless, Luslec offers his support indirectly to Baam by hosting a meeting with the Elders and Slayers to ask if they want to help Baam save Jinsung.
  • Hwa Ryun: Mirchea and Hwa Ryun seems to have a personal relationship, as Hwa Ryun respectfully refers to Mirchea as Lord Mirchea and he seems to trust her capabilities, apparently entrusting her with keeping an eye on Baam and reporting to him directly regarding Baam, as shown by how she tells him about Baam fighting Test Ranker Pan to make the hard-liner Elders and Slayers, especially Sophia, consider helping him and Luslec likewise trusted her to ensure the success of Baam's battle to rescue Jinsung from the Nest.[6]

Alternate Translations

  • Grace Mirchia Luslec (Line)

Notes and Trivia

  • He may have been named after the Romanian footballer Mircea Lucescu.[7]
  • While he shares the same surname as Grace Arlen, the wife of his master, it is unknown if they are related.
  • He is noted to be capable of forcing the 10 Family Heads to intervene should he acts.[6]



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