Grace Mirchea Luslec (그레이스 미르치아 루슬렉, Geuraeiseu Mireuchia Luseulaek) is Slayer No. 1 and the living "god" of the most dangerous and secretive criminal group, FUG, in the Tower.[1]

Although FUG’s true motives and goals are not clearly known, it is true without a doubt that they exist in the shadows of the Tower, hiding and corrupting. People call Luslec the "God of the Devils" (악마들의 신, Ahkmahdeuleui Shin) or "Demon King" (마왕, Mahwahng; 魔王).[1]

Even though the FUG has a dangerous status, the influence of Luslec's group can never surpass the Family Heads of the 10 Great Families, as long as they hold contracts with the Tower's Guardians.[1] Nevertheless, Luslec holds a rank that surpasses a few of the Family Heads. This is because he represents the "Absolute Darkness" of the Tower.[1]


Luslec was one of those that helped the 10 Great Warriors climb the Tower.[1] Garam Zahard stated that he was a warlord serving under the irregular 'V' who was part of Zahard's original 12 companions.[2] No one knows how or why he fell and became the leader of a such a dangerous group; although the author hints that it has something to do with how Zahard became king and the forgotten civil war his master fought against Zahard and the 10 Great Warriors.[3]

In Part II, it is revealed that Twenty-Fifth Baam had joined FUG and adopted his family name, becoming Jyu Viole Grace.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince


Jinsung mentioned that he would put in a good word to Mirchea about Viole's team remaining a team.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle


When Jinsung invaded Karaka's secret base, the former mentioned that Mirchea was very surprised to learn of the attempted murder of Viole by members of FUG.

Powers and Abilities

Apparent in his ranking, Luslec is a superb warrior. They say that there is nothing his great black Hook can't pierce.[1]

Notes and Trivia

  • He may have been named after the Romanian footballer Mircea Lucescu.[4]
  • While he shares the same surname as Grace Arlen, the wife of his master, it is unknown if they are related.


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