Golden Needle from Mystery Island(수수께끼 섬의 황금 니들) is a technique used by the data version of a young Zahard in the Hidden Floor.

This technique creates a large, giant, golden "needle" made out of Shinsu covered with elaborate patterns. When summoned it appears from a golden portal and it can be controlled as a projectile weapon at will by Zahard. This needle will be launched or shot in high tremendous speed. It was so incredibly fast that the weak enemies won't have time to defend and die from that needle shot.

The Golden Needle technique was first shown when Data Zahard fought the data versions of young Khun Eduan. After Data Eduan's huge, massive size, single lightning Baang was destroyed by Data Zahard's baangs attack, Data Eduan quickly summoned one of his powerful technique Giant's Lightning Spear to attack Data Zahard. It's a similar technique like the Golden Needle. Both of the attack was evenly matched after it clashed into each other.[1]

Golden Needle was shown again in the warm up battle of Data Zahard against Twenty-Fifth Baam. This happens in the beginning of the final fight between the two. After witnessing Baam was able to dodge his very fast single punch, Data Zahard started to notice the fast growth rate of Baam for become stronger within just a month. Realizing that Baam is not an ordinary regular, Data Zahard summoned his Golden Needle, intending to kill Baam. However, Baam managed to survive the Golden Needle attack after his Orb created a Shinsu barrier field. This barrier is strong enough to defend against an attack like Zahard's Golden Needle.[2] It's very powerful as a single blow can also defeated and killed Data Asensio.[3]

The Golden Needle technique was later on shown by Zahard, now the King of the Tower, when he fought Team Khel Hellam. Now a Top High Ranker, his usage of the technique has greatly improved to where he could instantly summon and shoot multiple golden needles that are far larger than his data self's.




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