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This article is about "The Power to Devour Everything" that belongs to Twenty-Fifth Baam. See also Enryu's Thorn.

What the heck is that "Light"? Is that not my "True Power" that was mentioned by "God" of Guardians?

Twenty-Fifth Baam questioning the existence of yellow light object inside his body.[1]

Gluttony (무자비한 폭식일, literally means Ruthless Gluttony) is the special power of Irregular Twenty-Fifth Baam to devour or absorb everything.[1]


The exact origin of Baam's Gluttony power is currently still vague and the visual presentation of the "Yellow Light" inside Baam's body wasn't explained very well, but according to the Blue Thryssa, the "Yellow Light" absorbed the power of 1 billions soul that Baam had received from White' Final CLone after he defeated White in his weakened state prior to the Dallar Show event.[1]


Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Hell Train: The 'Name Hunt' Station

Before Baam and others arrive at the Name Hunt Station, Baam had a flashback memory of talking to Blue Thryssa inside The Rice Pot. Blue Thryssa explained to Baam that his "true power" is a power to devour everything.[1]

The Hell Train: Power

Baam devoured Lecalicus Shinheuh with his Orb - Shinwonryu[2] and also easily negated young Zahard's Cosmos shinsu attack with the same Shinsu Orb.[3]

Tower of God: Part 3

A Dark Twist

"Yellow Light" inside Baam's body exploded

In the Battle of The Nest, Baam encounter White and Aria who tried to kill him during the Gakja Dosaeng game. Aria eventually changed her mind and choose to side with Baam to fight White after she realized that Baam can break Spells. With the help of Aria, Baam almost got away from White, but before Baam and Aria escape with the Shinsu Teleportation Device, the legendary slayer spilled out the truth about Prince and Hon Akraptor. After finding out two of his friends died because of White, Baam refused to run away and decided to confront White. During the 10 minutes waiting time of Teleportation Device being recharged, "Yellow Light" inside Baam's body exploded.[4]

Appearance and Personality

The Gluttony power is visualized like The Sun or Yellow Light ball.

Powers and Abilities

To devour or absorb everything.[1][5] So far, Baam has been able to "absorb" many things into his body. The following are the list of things that Baam could absorb:

  1. Physical Weapons: (e.g. Thorn,[3][6] Black March[7])
  2. Shinsu Weapons: (e.g. White's Sword)[8]
  3. Shinheuh: (e.g. Lecalicus)[2]

Not only Baam was able to devour or absorb objects, he can also "nullify/negate" enemy's Shinsu attack with the power of Gluttony which he "applied" to his Shinwonryu technique. The following are the list of battle record where Baam "neutralized" shinsu attacks of his enemies:

  1. Young Zahard's Cosmos attack.[3]
  2. Ranker Charlie's White Light - Noise attack.[9]
  3. High Ranker Dowon's Flower Shinsu Control Skill.[10]

Baam can increase his power if he stab the weapons into his chest, of course this is only works for Baam because of the Gluttony power.


  • TBA

Notes and Trivia

  • The "yellow light" was revealed for the first time when Baam was on his way to the Name Hunt Station. The yellow light is the visualization of Gluttony power.
  • Author SIU noted that Baam's ability may seem similar to Hoaqin's in that they both "absorb or unify", but Baam requires "no sacrifice", so it may feel more "royal" in a way.[5]

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