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Giant Lemur (name unknown) is a giant Shinheuh controlled by Lo Po Bia Didiano.[1]

Appearances and Design

The ancient creature has a form that resembles a giant gray minotaur with two hands.


Tower of God: Part 3

The Intrusion

Didiano was sent to the Battle of The Nest as reinforcement from the Lo Po Bia Family along with Lo Po Bia Dokoko. Didiano later appeared to confront Evankhell. With the help of Lighthouse Reinforcement from Elpathion, Didiano overwhelmed Evankhell with her giant lemur Shinheuh which threw projectile attack made out of lemur feces that can multiply into four when touched by flame. However, after Evankhell unleashed her special flames that can burn everything, the feces projectiles was burned to ashes before it has time to multiplies.[2]

Didiano and his giant lemur tried to run away after Evankhell summoned her Fiery Elephant to attack the 4th Army Corp with Quad Rare Orb - Hellfire technique, but they were not fast enough to outrun the flame. He was screaming in pain as the flame blast engulfed and killed him and his giant lemur.[3]

Powers and Abilities

This shinheuh can throw projectile attack made out of lemur feces from its hand. The feces ball was stored in a red giant jar like ammunition. The feces can multiply into four every time it touched flames.[2]

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