Giant Cat (name unknown) is Lo Po Bia Yasratcha's pet cat which he frequently used as a seat as well as a mean of transportation.[1][2]

Appearance and Personality

The Shinheuh appears as a giant-sized cat with one of its eye alone being bigger than Lo Po Bia Fucile's head.[1] As a cat,
Giant Cat-(The Wall of Peaceful Coexistence)-2

The giant eye of the cat

it has straight ears that are pointing forward, four pads on each of its four limbs, and a tail on the back of its body. It also has fangs[3] and a red-colored nose. The cat has bright blue eyes that glow in the dark[4] and a furry body with brown and gray being the most dominant colors of its fur, although White fur can also be seen around its face.

The cat is shown to be loyal to Yasratcha as it does not seem to be bothered with Yasratcha frequently sitting on its body and Yasratcha using it as transportation on the battlefield.

Power and Abilities

It is unknown whether the cat possesses notable offensive or defensive abilities; however, it could be assumed that the cat is fast enough as Yasratcha frequently uses it as a mean of transportation on the battlefield.

Tower of God: Part 3


The cat appeared behind Yasratcha acting as his seat when Fucile was reporting about the Chairman refusal to surrender and evacuate.

The Wall of Peaceful Coexistence

It once again appeared beside Yasratcha when Tu Rah were praising Yasratcha.

When Fucile was hesitating to fight Yama, the cat appeared behind him along with Yasratcha. They then stepped away after Yasratcha told Fucile to fight Yama even if he could not able to beat him. However, the two reappeared again when Yama was about to defeat Fucile, praising him for not backing down despite facing the King of the Canines.


Yasratcha used the cat as a transportation device during his fight with Yama. However, they and the entire 5th Army Corp later retreated after the headquarter ordered them to do so.

The Second Defensive Wall

Yasratcha used the cat to travel to the Second Defensive Wall of The Nest and announced that he would match everyone in the battlefield and make them participate in his game.

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