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Garam Zahard (가람 자하드, Gahrahm Jahad, "Garam Zahard"), also referred to as Hermit in the North City of the 43rd Floor or The Princess of the Deep Colored Sea, is a Princess of Zahard and the owner of the Blue August and Indigo July.


She was chosen to become a Princess long ago and eventually bestowed with the Blue August in recognition of her abilities. Her older twin sister was also chosen and given a 13 Month Series: Yuram Zahard. Reflecting back on those days she says things were chaotic among Princesses and it had turned into a fierce competition that caused the murder of many of them.

When it seemed like things would never change, Enne Zahard became a Princess and was given the Colorless December. Garam admired her strength and believed she would be the one to put an end to the strife among them and their Families.

At some point, Garam briefly fought Adori Zahard, who hadn't even been a Ranker for more than 100 years and was overwhelmed by the other Princess.

A younger Garam

One day, her sister Yuram was sent on a mission and was forced to ignite the two 13 Month Series that she had when she faced a strong opponent. That caused her to go on a rampage and kill the allies that had been sent along with her. Among them was another princess of Zahard, so in an effort to keep their Birth Family safe from retaliation, Garam was forced to kill her sister and seized the Indigo July.

Garam was surprised by her sister's actions before her death, so when Enne Zahard started to change and attacked everyone from the Zahard Family who crossed her path after igniting two of the 13 Month Series, she became suspicious and started to investigate.

A few days after the Enne Zahard incident both Garam and Enne disappeared. They became well known High Rankers after this incident. Garam Zahard was given the sobriquet of Mako Shark and Enne Zahard was given the sobriquet of Great White Shark. The fights between Princesses didn't cause problems (even when they killed each other), but their disappearance, both in the possession of two of the 13 Month Series, was a serious matter, so Zahard issued orders to catch them both quickly.

Garam Zahard was sane and was able to hide.[3] But Enne Zahard was caught and imprisoned in a mysterious labyrinth. Hearing this and refusing to believe she had simply gone mad, Garam risked her life to break in the prison and meet her. There she was told about Zahard's secrets. She learned just how pointless the fights to collect the 13 Month Series were, since Zahard had no intention of getting married and had in fact manipulated the first Princesses into killing each other through the Ghost of the 13 Month Series. Although Garam didn't believe Enne at first, she was told to look for the Pocket of Arlen Grace that Enne had hidden away. With it, she was able to confirm what she had been told.

She hid herself again on the 43rd Floor (as the Floor was without a Guardian) [4] and looked after Anak Zahard for a while.[5] Eventually, she also aided Grand De Jah covertly in stopping Hell Joe from taking over North City. She was later shown to still be living there.[6]

Appearance and Personality

Like any other Princess of Zahard, she is a very attractive woman. Her hair is coloured in a gradient of light grey to blue with some golden highlights. Her eyes are also blue. She uses a purple nail varnish. She wears a light grey coat over a deep blue skirt or dress. She uses black tights and blue shoes.[7]

She is shown to have hated what the Princesses of Zahard had become by the time she joined and thought that Enne was to be their salvation. Obviously, she was disappointed when she went insane and was locked away. Still, she didn't believe the official version and sought her out to find out what happened. Because of this, she became very knowledgeable about what the Zahard Empire keeps in utmost secrecy.[8]

Garam cared deeply for her Birth Family and when faced with the possibility of them being at risk for the actions of her twin sister, she decided to kill Yuram at a great personal cost. Due to the involvement of the Ghost of the 13 Months in her sister's death, she bears an intense grudge against it and Zahard for setting up such a scheme.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Floor of Death

Through the Eye Monster, she learned of Baam's arrival at the Floor of Death and decided to speak to him. She arrived in Manyleg and pointed out that Baam was rather cute and didn't resemble Urek Mazino. Garam took Baam with her to talk to him in private, where she told him he could ask her about anything he wanted to know. She introduced herself as a traitor to the Zahard Family and disclosed information regarding both her and Baam's heritage and past. Having told Baam everything she wished to, Garam then disclosed information on the whereabouts of the last shard of the Thorn that was inside the 'Spirit Room' and the person's task he'd have to complete to get it. Asking whether he'd take the challenge, Baam confidently assured he would before leaving.

Later, a shocked Garam was informed that Yuri Zahard had ignited two of the 13 Month Series simultaneously. She rushed to South City in an effort to stop Yuri and confront the Ghost of the 13 Month Series. Once there, both she and the Ghost recognized each other. Garam used the Bell of Dawn and a mysterious cloth to get the upper hand in their battle but was interrupted by Hell Joe's arrival before she could vanish the Ghost from Yuri's body. They were joined by Baam and prepared to fight an angry Hell Joe.

Powers and Abilities

Her ability as a Princess of Zahard was recognised with the bestowing of the Blue August; moreover, after her killing of Yuram Zahard she obtained the Indigo July. Upon her disappearance, she became a High Ranker and was able to hide herself for many years from the Zahard Family.

After discovering the existence of the Ghost of the 13 Month Series, she devoted herself to the research of spells and collection of magic items to be able to take revenge for her sister. Two such items she collected were the Bell of Dawn and a magic cloth used by ancient shamans to trap evil beings.

David Hockney stated that she may be the strongest person he has ever met.[7] When subduing the possessed Yuri, she was able to easily pin down Evan Edrok, one of the Top 100 Rankers, showing her strength. Additionally, Garam was strong enough to kick Yuri with enough force to cause her pain. She was even confident she could battle Hell Joe by herself long enough for Baam to escape and then flee on her own.

Notes and Trivia

  • She is well known for being the latest person to own two of 13 Month Series simultaneously,[9] until Yuri Zahard obtained the Green April.
  • It is rumoured that Urek Mazino has a crush on Garam Zahard, but that she hates him. Of course, this is not actually confirmed.[10] She does think he's a fool though.
  • Her name is an archaic word for river in Korean.[11]
  • She seems to be familiar with Enryu.[6][12]
  • Since they were twins, Yuram and Garam shared generation names (same character in their given name, its placement switches depending on the odd or even generation): 유람 (Yuram) and 가람 (Garam).[13]
  • There will be more story on Urek and Garam relationship in the future.[14]


  • (Talking to herself) "Enryu.. A long time has passed. Since he killed the Administrator here. Now it's a tale passed down like a legend. But now a boy has appeared here who has power just like his. Could this be the start of another tale? Could that boy really change everything?"[15]
  • (To Baam) "Seeing you up close like this, you are really cute. No wonder two Princesses of Zahard are following you around."[16]
  • (To Baam) "All that I can tell you now is a very small part of the story about you. You will find out about the things that I do not tell you, when you have gotten strong enough and can take responsibility for them. I know you must be so curious to learn about yourself. But I can't tell you any more than you can handle. If I do, it would ruin you. But don't be too disappointed. As long as you do not get lost, you will certainly find out everything."[8]
  • (To Baam) "I knew that you would be confused after hearing what I told you. But regardless of whatever destiny brought you to this place, it's up to you to decide what path you take. So even if you choose to avoid that destiny and go down a different path, I will not criticize you for it. Because that's a massive and difficult burden to bear."[17]
  • (Talking about Baam to herself) "In the end, I couldn't tell him 'That Story'. That boy may resent me later on. But right now, the problem is the test coming up soon. De Jah hasn't been in his right mind since he was imprisoned. But if that boy really is 'The One' that Arlene prophesied, he will definitely show us a miracle."[18]
  • (To Ghost of the 13 Months while possessing Yuri) "No, you enjoyed it. Because you like making the Princesses fight and hate one another. That is the 'Promise' that you made to Zahard, right? Isn't it?"[19]
  • (To Urek Mazino) "I will forgive everything!! I have waited a long time for you to return. If you help me this time, let's forget about everything and start over seriously."[20]
  • (Talking about Baam to Androssi and Yuri) "Well.. Maybe I'm wrong. But just remember one thing. Whether you like him because you think that he can change this Tower or you like him as a person, there will come a time when you will have to choose between the two. You had better make your mind up before then. Because if you don't make up your mind, both of you will end up getting hurt."[21]

Alternative Translations

  • Garam Jahad (LINE Webtoon)



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