Gado (가도, Gado) is a High Ranker and second-in-command in Yama's Gang. He is also Deng Deng's father.[2]

Apparently, Gado is not Deng Deng's father by blood after Canzon did a blood test secretly and found Gado's secret.[3]

Appearance and Personality

Gado is tall, light-skinned and has black curly hair and goatee. Also, like any other members at the cage, he has dog ears.

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Tower of God: Part 3

Tower of God: Part 3 - Baylord Yama

He is seen walking with Baylord Yama discussing the Canine Tooth Festival. Gado later greets Karaka with respect and asked where is Deng Deng. Karaka explained the deal to Gado and understood why Deng Deng couldn't be handed over to them easily even as his father.

Tower of God: Part 3 - Stealing the fang

After hearing about the Elder's Attendant being a canine person, Gado wanted to go meet the attendant himself. Gado is later found leaving Yama's side by Canzon and his crew. Canzon, who is suspicious of Gado, ask why is he leaving Yama's side at a very late time. Gado tells Canzon he wanted to see if the Elder's attendant is a canine person and asks Canzon to step aside. Canzon then tells Gado he is the one who kidnapped his son, Deng Deng, and wanted her daughter, Canhong to be the star of the show. However, Canzon said he found something strange, because the chance of Gado and Deng Deng being related is almost zero after he secretly did a blood test. Gado remains silent as the announcers suddenly alert the area that a powerful High-Ranker is heading towards the cage from the arena. After being cornered, Gado announces that he is not Deng Deng's father and he'll no longer work for Yama.

Powers and Abilities

Gado has Partial Transformation abilities like other combat canines:

Stage 1 - Black Foot

Stage 3 - Iron-willed Blackfoot [4]


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