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I chose to save Louie instead of Deng Deng. And I told myself that was their destiny. What would you have chosen? ANSWER ME!! GOD!! If it were you, would you kill Louie to save Deng Deng?!

—Gado asked Twenty-Fifth Baam.[2]

Gado (가도, Gado) is a High Ranker and was formally the 2nd executives in Yama's Pack. He was also Deng Deng's adoptive father.[4]

Appearance and Personality

Gado is apparently a very tall man. He has grey skin, black eyes, black curly hair and goatee. Also, like any other members at the cage, he has dog ears. He wear a long blue coat with blue belt, black pants ad grey shirt.

Gado is a cold-hearted man, strict and serious person. He gave out intimidating aura and put up a flat face and fake emotion. However, deep inside his heart, Gado is a loving father. He was saddened when his biological son Louie was bullied by other kids because Louie was born half blood and didn't inherit the canine power. Gado is worried about his son's future life in The Cage that values "power and strength" over everything. He just wanted his son Louie to have a normal life despite not having power. He betrayed Baylord Yama in order to change the rules and live free.


A very long time ago, when Gado was out on a mission for FUG, he fell in love with a human woman he met. Gado and the woman then had a child or baby together. The baby is a boy. Unfortunately, the boy's mother died while giving birth to him, and since the baby wasn't a canine person, he was born with a weak heart, so he's bound to die soon.

In the moment of desperation, Khel Hellam, one of FUG Elder came to visit Gado. Khel Hellam told Gado that he would save his dying baby in exchange for helping him with his secret plan. Gado accepted the Elder's offer right away. Soon after, Khel brought some random newborn canine baby to Gado. That baby is Deng Deng. Khel then told Gado that he could save his human baby, Louie if he transplanted baby Deng Deng's heart into his human son. Then, after keeping the two baby frozen for a long time, Khel said that he'd take them with him and raise them in The Cage.

After returning to The Cage, Gado lied to Baylord Yama, saying that both of the babies are his sons from a canine woman he met outside The Cage and raised both of them as his fake family. The human baby, Gado's real son is Louie, and the random canine person baby was Deng Deng.[5]

Tower of God: Part 3

Tower of God: Part 3 - Baylord Yama

He is seen walking with Baylord Yama discussing the Canine Tooth Festival. Gado later greets Karaka with respect and asked where is Deng Deng. Karaka explained the deal to Gado and understood why Deng Deng couldn't be handed over to them easily even as his father.

Tower of God: Part 3 - Stealing the fang

After hearing about the Elder's attendant being a canine person, Gado wanted to go meet the attendant himself as an excuse to start the coup. Gado was caught leaving Yama unguarded by Canzon and his crew. Canzon, who already has suspicions of Gado, asked why Gado leaves Yama alone at a very late time. Gado told Canzon he wanted to confirm for himself if the Elder's attendant is truly a canine person and asked Canzon to step aside. Canzon then revealed to Gado that he was the one who kidnapped Deng Deng because Canzon wanted her daughter, Canhong to be the star of the Canine Tooth Festival. However, Canzon said he found a strange fact that the chance of Gado and Deng Deng being related is almost zero after he secretly did a blood test. Gado remains silent as the announcers suddenly alert the area that a powerful Unidentified High Ranker is heading towards the center of The Cage. Because all of his secret has been found out, Gado finally admitted that he is not Deng Deng's father and announced his betrayal by saying that he will no longer work for Yama.

Powers and Abilities


Partial Mimicry

As the 2nd strongest executives in Yama's Pack and also a member of Canines race, Gado is capable of using the Transformation power of the Canines, which is called the Mimicry. There are 7 "stages" of transformation process in Partial Mimicry and Gado was able to achieved the highest level 7, meaning that he is a super strong Canine people after Baylord Yama.

  • Stage 1 Partial Mimicry: Black Foot: His feet transform to black colour, start from his knees and down below to his foot fingers. His foot fingers turned into metal looking claws. It looks similar to "demon" or "beast" foot.[3]
  • Stage 2 Partial Mimicry: No official name, but this transformation will change Gado legs into "rocket legs". The back calves on his both legs will create one cavity each, that produces something like air jet thruster. Gado legs will create 2 air jet thrusters.[6] This allows Gado to move, fly, or kick very fast because his legs are now basically just like "booster legs".
  • Stage 3 Partial Mimicry: Iron-willed Blackfoot: This transformation will still grant Gado the "rocket legs". But, this is an advanced version of stage 2, with three cavities each so there are a total of 6 air jet thrusters to gain more powerful speed.[3]
  • Stage 7 Partial Mimicry: The Deepest, Darkest Legs
  • Black Spirit Kick


  • (To Canzon) "Since strength is all that matters in The Cage now, Louie will never be acknowledged as my son anyway. Once this is all over, I'll finally be able to call Louie 'my son'."[5]
  • (To Canzon) "The old me who was a proud warrior may already be dead!! But I've chosen to go on living as a father. This is my destiny".[5]
  • (To Twenty-Fifth Baam) "'Transformation' is a deadly weapon even against me. But, even the sharpest sword is useless if it can't cut anything. I'll show you the difference in our levels, Slayer Candidate".[7]
  • (To Baam) "Isn't destiny a terrifying thing?! If only you didn't bring Deng Deng here today, maybe he'd still be alive!! But you don't need to feel bad about it, Slayer Candidate!! Because Deng Deng's death, and the elder's takeover of the canine people, are both just part of our 'destiny'!!"[8]
  • (To Baam) "If you try to turn back their destiny and kill Louie now.. Do you really think that's any different from what I did?! Please.. Dear GOD.. Have mercy.. Answer.. Me.."[2]

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