Frog Fisher (개구리 피셔, Gaeguli Pisyeo) is an item owned by Evan Edrok.

Appearances and Design

Frog Fisher is a small, finger-sized item that has many extraordinary abilities. Evan used this item on his right middle finger.

Power and Abilities

It possesses five "desires",[1] three of which have been revealed:

  • Third Desire: Hunger: This desire proved capable of absorbing a huge shinsu attack from Karaka with ease.[1]
  • Restoration: This desire can return an object to its previous state. It was able to restore a bridge partially destroyed by Karaka, with the latter being amazed by the item's power.[1] SIU notes that the period between the past and current states is limited; it cannot restore anything that exceeds this limit.[2]
  • Destructive Urge This desire creates a huge blast.[3]

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