Flying Fish Spear(식비어 창술) is a unique blue Spear that belongs to young data versions of Khun Marco Asensio, a High Ranker of the Khun Family, back when he was still a Regular in the Hidden Floor.[1] It is unknown if Asensio still wields and use this spear after he became a High Ranker.


This spear was first introduced in the Hidden Floor, when the young Data Asensio makes his appearance to clear the stage for Batis, Boro, David Hockney, and Sachi Faker.[1] This spear's grade is unknown.

In normal form, the shape of this spear resembled that of martial arts "stick" weapon that often used for fighting or sparring. See Wikipedia: Stick-fighting.[1] However, after Data Asensio revealed the true form of his Flying Fish Spear, the concept changed from the original "stick" to "chain weapon".

Asensio spin his spear very fast, creating an illusion of hundred blades

How the spear works is similar to a real-life weapon "Three-section staff". The three-section staff, triple staff, three-part staff, (Japanese: Sansetsukon), or originally Sanjiegun (Chinese: 三節棍; pinyin: sānjiégùn; Jyutping: saam1 zit3 gwan3, or Chinese: 三節鞭; pinyin: sānjiébiān three-sectional whip), is a Chinese flail weapon that consists of three wooden or metal staffs connected by metal rings, chains or rope. The weapon is also known as (蟠龍棍; panlong gun, "coiling dragon staff"). A more complicated version of the two-section staff, the staves can be spun to gather momentum resulting in a powerful strike, or their articulation can be used to strike over or around a shield or other defense.[2] For further information, see Wikipedia: Three-section staff.

However, the design of Flying Fish Spear is a bit different from Three-section staff weapon. *The "middle part" of the Flying Fish Spear is a "long metal stick", while on the both left part and 'right part are not "metal staffs", but rather two blades with kite-shaped design. Furthermore, to make the design more different, the element "fantasy" was added instead by making the tip of the weapon to be wireless and not chained physically like chain weapons in general.


This spear weapon has been a big help for Asensio in building a big reputation within the Khun Family since Khun Kiseia mentioned that "Asensio is famous for using his spear like a 'Flying Fish'".

Powers and Abilities

Normal Mode

In the normal mode, the spear is normally shaped like martial art sticks. It's a simple long slender, blunt, hand-held, generally "sticks" for fighting; such as a staff, cane, walking stick, baton or anything that similar. However, although it's blunt, Asensio can use it to kill Champion Villains of Sweet Castle: Chrome Cutter by releasing a strong airwave shinsu shot (Asensio's spear skill: Air Slash). Asensio also uses this normal mode in his fight against Big Breeder Jeok and can still give him a good attack and defend although Jeok was in his berserk mode which increased his physical strength

  • Molino de Viento:TBA
  • Air Slash: TBA
  • Extends and Shortened: In normal mode, the Flying Fish Spear can also be extended and shortened. The spear will turn into red color and start to expand very fast. It can reach a very long range to attack the opponent.

Special Mode

Both tips of his spear will crack and produce two kite-shaped objects. The object is a blade. The design of the blade is quite fancy looking as it has a shiny focused light that glows brightly in the middle decoration of the objects. When the spear is in a static position and isn't being used, there are only that two blades on each of its spear tip that is visible to the naked eye. However, when Asensio used this spear mode to attack Jeok, the big breeder was surprised as to why it feels like there are hundreds of blades flying at him. The hundreds of blades are just an illusion created by the very fast spin rotation of the spear.



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