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Flying Fish Spear(식비어 창술) is a unique blue Spear that belongs to young data versions of Khun Marco Asensio, a High Ranker of the Khun Family, back when he was still a Regular in the Hidden Floor.[1] It is unknown if Asensio still wields and use this spear after he became a High Ranker.


This spear was first introduced in the Hidden Floor, when the young Data Asensio makes his appearance to clear the stage for Batis, Boro, David Hockney, and Sachi Faker.[1] This spear's grade is unknown.

Appearances and Design

Asensio spin his spear very fast, creating an illusion of hundred blades

The Flying Fish Spear appear to have different shape and concept than normal Spear which usually used for long distance throwing. The spear resembles more that of staff or stick weapon in martial arts.[1] This spear also works like a "Flail", a type of weapon consisting of a striking head attached to a handle by a flexible rope, strap, or chain. Using this flail weapon concept, Asensio's spear has 2 striking heads attached to each of the spear's tip, with Shinsu acting as its chain or rope. This spear is not for throwing, but it will be spun to gather momentum resulting in a powerful strike and sometimes can also be useful for defense. The Flying Fish Spear overall mostly coated in blue color.


This spear weapon has been a big help for Asensio in building a big reputation within the Khun Family since Khun Kiseia mentioned that "Asensio is famous for using his spear like a 'Flying Fish'".

Powers and Abilities

The Flying Fish Spear is apparently a Transforming Weapon type, which means it has several forms that it change between, where this Spear has two forms:

First Form

In its first form, the Flying Fish Spear acted like a simple long slender, blunt, hand-held, generally "sticks" for fighting; such as a staff, cane, walking stick, baton or anything that similar. Asensio can easily fight the Big Breeder Jeok and give him a good attack, despite Jeok was in his berserk mode which increased his physical strength

  • Molino de Viento: This technique will block incoming enemy attack.
  • Air Slash: This technique to release a strong airwave or wind shockwave. It can kill the Chrome Cutter robot, a Champion Villain of the stage Hidden Floor: Sweet Castle.
  • Extends and Shortened: In normal mode, the Flying Fish Spear can also be extended and shortened. The spear will turn into red color and start to expand very fast. It can reach a very long range distance to attack the opponent.

Second Form

In its second form, the Flying Fish Spear acted like acted like a flail weapon with each tip of the spear will break open to release a striking head. These 2 striking heads will fly towards its target countless times every time Asensio spun the spear, so the target will feel like they were being attacked by hundreds spear strike. There aren't hundreds of blades flying around, it's just an illusion created by the very fast rotation of the spear.



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