Since the beginning of time, one has always climbed or descended Tower by passing through a number of Floors via the Inner Tower. Each one contains different Tests. It is worthy to note that of the 134 conquered Floors, only two are ruled by a High Ranker that is not a member of one of the 10 Great Families or the Zahard Family. Those Floors are the 77th Floor ruled by Baek Ryun and the 2nd Floor ruled by Evankhell. The Outer Tower of each Floor is roughly the size of the Americas.[1] Also there are two other Floors with no Rulers. Such Floors are the 1st Floor inhabited by Headon and the 43rd Floor after Enryu killed the Guardian.


A long time ago, Zahard and the Great Warriors entered the Tower and undertook grueling tests. They were then recognized as the rulers of the Tower.[2] As time went on, their Empire eventually expanded reaching the 134th Floor of the Tower. There are currently 135 confirmed Floors, though the Zahard Empire has only expanded up to the 134th Floor, as Zahard nor any other person has yet to conquer the 135th Floor.

Known Floors

These are Floors that have been seen and/or mentioned specifically.

1st Floor

Rachel came here, but was told by Headon that she "wasn't it". Headon told her to make way for Baam and she watched while Baam ascended to the next Floor.[3]

2nd Floor

A long and arduous testing process. The purpose of this Floor is to maintain the safety of the Tower by eliminating those deemed dangerous.[4]

20th Floor

Known as the needle hole to heaven, the Twentieth Floor has a massive increase in difficulty. This Floor is connected to the middle Floor. After passing, Regulars gain an E-rank status.[5]

21st Floor

A Floor in the sky. Inhabitants reside in large floating towers. There is also high density Shinsoo in some areas which cause seas where tests are sometimes taken place.

25th Floor

A Floor in the sky. Regulars live in floating huts and travel using flying fish.

28th Floor

On this Floor, the residents may reside in tall, blue buildings surrounded by barren wastelands where many Regulars take shelter in the Tent Village.

29th Floor

The grasslands on the Floor are surrounded by coniferous forests. Regulars reside in houses in the countryside.

30th Floor

One of the Workshop's headquarters, the great suspendiship Archimedes is located on this Floor, where every 5 years an item tournament, commonly known as the Workshop Battle, takes place. It's implied that most of the Floor's income originates from tourism. The Regulars can choose from a large variety of hotels to stay in.

35th Floor

Home of the special test for D-rank Regulars, the "Hell Express", and also its first station, Train City.

36th Floor

Regulars on this Floor traverse using giant fish-shaped airships.

37th Floor

The second station of the Hell Express, Wooden Horse, is located on this Floor. It is apparently quite hot here.[6]

39th Floor

The third station of the Hell Express, Name Hunt, is located on this Floor.

40th Floor

The fourth station of the Hell Express, Mushroom Farm, is located on this Floor.

42nd Floor

The fifth station of the Hell Express, Black Mountain, is located on this Floor.

43rd Floor

Enryu killed the Guardian of this Floor. Known as a dangerous and lawless place, it is also a haven for enemies of the government. Regulars go up via the middle road of the Middle Area of this Floor without taking a test.

44th Floor

The sixth station of the Hell Express, Last Station, is located on this Floor.

49th Floor

This floor has a desert environment, the middle area of the floor seems to be inhabited by people who speak a different language.

50th Floor

Has one of the many Ranker Administration Office's branch offices in which Baam defeated the ranker Pan. It is also stated that the "Nest" is located on this floor as well. 

51st Floor

One of the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence reaches all the way down to this Floor.[citation needed] The Wall on this floor was designated to be destroyed by Kallavan.

52nd Floor

The Floor where Kallavan's Squadron passed by. Also, the home of the Canines who serves Baylord Yama in The Cage. Another Wall of Peaceful Coexistence is located here and was the target for destruction by the 5th Army Corp led by Lo Po Bia Yasratcha.

77th Floor

Considered a hellish place, after Urek Mazino completed Arie Hon's "special test", this Floor became the base for Wolhaiksong. Urek then transferred control to Baek Ryun who now rules.

80th Floor

The birthplace of Grace Mirchea Luslec.

91st Floor

Residence of High Ranker Ha Jinsung.[7]

97th Floor

The location of Karaka's secret hideout. It was seen to have a red sky.[8]

100th Floor

By completing this Floor, the Guardian gave Zahard and the 10 Heads immortality, except for Hendo Lok Bloodmadder. It is unknown if anyone else gains immortality by passing this Floor.

123rd Floor

Jaina Repellista Zahard has a vacation villa on this Floor.

132nd Floor

Adori Zahard was born on this Floor.

133rd Floor

The last test. Those who pass become Rankers.

134th Floor

The final Floor of the Zahard Empire. No-one has managed to ascend above this Floor yet.

135th Floor

There is no information about this Floor because no-one has managed to climb there yet. Due to the difficulty to climb here, only High Rankers are allowed to try it.

Zahard's Floors

Zahard's Floors are the Floors ruled by the Zahard government. They were all conquered by Zahard, the Great Warriors and helpers (including Grace Mircea Luslec and several Princesses). They start with the Second Floor and currently end on the 134th Floor.

Note: the First Floor has no Ruler.

Regulars' District

Within the Inner Tower of each Floor are the Regulars' districts where Regulars may reside and take the tests. Only people with permits can enter the Regulars' district since Rankers and High Rankers are actually forbidden from associating with Regulars. However, Guides such as Hwa Ryun may find a way to enter without being noticed. This zone holds the tests which Regulars must pass in order to advance to the next Floor.

Notes & Trivia

  • Each Floor has areas of varying amounts of Shinsu density, increasing with each Floor. In lower concentrations, its density makes the substance act like a gas, but in higher concentrations, it behaves like a liquid.



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