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Several Floating Ships of Zahard's Army

Floating Ship (부유선, buyuseon) is the flying aircraft in the Tower. All Floating Ships were equipped with Suspendium, a mineral that, when electrically charged, will produce energy to lift or "float" the aircraft.


A Floating Ship at least need one Suspendium to make flying mechanism possible. Depending on the ship's design and weight, the required amount of Suspendium will be vary. Some Floating Ship only has one, some has two or more.

Floating Ships are most likely built for long distance travel efficiency purpose, and also to help Regulars to fly. Rankers and High Rankers can normally fly using Shinsu in general, but they might get tired if they fly for too long.

As some of us might have already noticed, the Floating Ship technology are really pure science fiction (Sci-Fi) and Fantasy. The design also probably were inspired from the future spaceship which often appear in many Hollywood movies like Star Trek and Star Wars.

Type of Floating Ship

Floating Castle

Floating Castle (부유성 buyuseong) is a very huge, large and vast Floating Ship that can be easily identified by it's massive giant size and it's capacity to house thousands, or maybe even dozens of thousands of living beings. Some Floating Castle also often has buildings, skyscrapers, house residences, enough to built a city-like environment. The Floating Castle can also carry many Floating Ships. Just like it's name suggest "Floating Castle", this type of Floating Ship is like a floating, moving castle in the sky.

The concept probably similiar to Military Aircraft Carrier and Luxury Cruise Ship in the real life. Examples of the Floating Castle:


A Floating Ship that was used to transport cargo or people and not entirely prepared for fight.

Small Transport

This small transport was used by Zahard's Army to board 2 people for team strategy. It was used by Misebichi, Yuryu, Dorian Frog. Another one of the small transport also was successfully stolen by Sachi Faker and Boro from the C-Rank Regular Pinnacle.[3]


A type of lightweight Floating Ship that was used by Jyu Viole Grace to chase after Kang Horyang that has decided to disbanded himself from Team Tangsooyook to meet with Beniamino Cassano in The Hand of Arlen at the 28th Floor. Seeing that Viole was leaving them behind, Ja Wangnan stated that this Floating Ship was very expensive and costly to be rented by ordinary Regulars and perhaps their determination to bring Horyang back has reach the end of the line. But then, Yeon Yihwa, the heir of the Yeon Family, who get fully supported financially by her family decided to rent this hovercrafts to follow Viole together with Wangnan, Hon Akraptor and Prince. Unlike most Floating Ship that has design like an airplane, this Floating Ship is more like a motorcycle and scooter. The design and concept were similar to hoverbike or hovercraft.[4]


Heavy Fighter

A typical military Floating Ship that was used to attack and engage powerful enemy. The attack of this Floating Ship might be strong enough to hurt most Rankers, since the crews were so confident to hurt Ha Jinsung despite they knew he is a High Ranker. But in the end, it gives no damage to Jinsung at all.[5]

Medium Fighter

A type of Floating Ship that was used by Yool (snake guy) and Kell (masked guy) to chase after the transport ship that were boarded by Viole, Lo Po Bia Elaine, David Hockney and Louie. They intended to destroy Baam's ship from the very start since they are assassins that were ordered by King Zahard to kill Baam. This Floating Ship can shoot a big shinshoo blast like laser from it's cannon for offensive purpose.[6]

Prison Ship

A type of Floating Ship that was used to hold captive and imprison any Regulars, Rankers, and even High Rankers. The prison design are different on each ship.

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Alternate Translations

  • (LINE) Air Ship
  • (Company) Suspendship



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