Fisherman (낚시꾼, nakksikkun or "Angler") is said to be the epitome of all Positions.[1] The Position is suited for close to medium-range combatants and the main offence of the team. Fishermen tend to use Reel and Needles. Swords and other flat bladed weaponry are scarce in the Tower the higher the Floor one goes. This is because of their impeding level of drag, a detriment to weapons with larger surface area, in high density shinsoo environments that are common on the higher Floors of the Tower.


A Fisherman generally possess the most destructive power in man-to-man fights. They usually carry light arms, with no heavy weapons. Fishermen are divided into two classes: Reel Fishermen, who use Reel Inventories to attack their enemy at medium range, or Man-to-man Fishermen, who go directly on the offensive at close range. The Fishermen constitute the main offensive force of a team and are usually at the centre of a battle.

Basic Arming (Ranker)

Known Fishermen



Failed Regulars

Alternate Translations

  • Angler

Notes and Trivia

  • Fisherman may be a reference to SIU's love of aquatic life. The main offence may be called the Fisherman because all aquatic life meets its end at the hand of a Fisherman.
  • It can be translated a "Angler (Fisherman in German)", which is an aquatic creature.
  • Whilst the term(s) Fisherman/Fishermen usually refers to the position it can also be used to refer to someone that is a perfect combatant capable of fighting in all types of battles.[2] The difference is a little clearer in Korean: "Fisherman" (낚시꾼을, nakksikkun-eul) and "Fisherman" (낚시꾼, nakksikkun).
  • The Fisherman position is very balanced. At long distance they can use the Reel, at short distance they can use the Needle. But this multi skill is a very rare gift. Anak and Androssi are the only two that can use Reel among those Regulars. Reel control depends a lot on natural talent like Shinsoo control, so it would be very hard to be Fisherman position.[3]


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