Fenryl (펜릴, "Fenril") is a special shinheuh commanded by Kaiser. Unlike other shinheuh, Fenryl is not a real living creature but rather a wolf spirit and so does not require a bowl.[1]

Fenryl’s teeth are strong enough to penetrate through even a Ranker’s skin. In addition, wounds inflicted from Fenryl’s bite will never heal without its master consent or death, due to a special spell on Fenryl’s teeth.[2]

Because of Fenryl's nature as a spirit, even with a Lighthouse, you cannot see it at all until it appears.[1]

Notes and Trivia

  • Commanding Fenryl isn't a unique ability, but rather a rare family trait passed down in the Grey Wolf branch of the Lo Po Bia Family.[3]
  • It may have been named after the Norse wolf Fenrir[4]


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