Felix (펠릭스, Pelligseu) is a D-rank Regular and a Shinsoo Martial Arts apprentice under Boro. She said she never got a chance to fight Jyu Viole Grace because the latter disappeared after the Workshop Battle and likens Viole's rumoured strength being not as it seemed to the rumours of Sachi Faker not being as strong as what is believed.

Appearance and Personality

Felix has black hair and brown skin. She is skinny and wears a black shirt with a circle with something written on it, black tight shorts and black footwear that stops before the toes. Her eye colour changes.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Revolution Road

On a private train to Train City, Felix discussed the relative strengths of people with Hanool Kang and Boro, mentioning that she had wanted to fight Jyu Viole Grace on the 30th Floor but never got the chance. Later, when a blue-skinned Regular attacks Boro, Felix attempts to help but gets knocked out when the Regular attacks the both of them with a Shinsoo-enhanced swing.

She later awakened on the private train surrounded by familiar and unfamiliar faces. Asking what happened, she was filled in by Boro on everything she had missed. They told her she wouldn't be able to participate due to her injuries but train crew raised the point that if they got more Tickets she could get on. Felix's condition gradually worsened and as their group travelled to the residence at Train City, she had to be carried by Hanool until they reached where she was soon put to bed.

Powers and Abilities

As a D-rank Regular, Felix possesses a decent amount of strength. However she was no match for a Ticket Holder, being taken out in one strike.[1]

She wields a pair of black-handled blades that resemble tantō.[1]


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