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Giant Silverfish Fandore Harpe (거대 은갈치 환도어 하르페, Geodae Eungalchi Hwando-eo Haleupe) is a giant silver eel Shinheuh and one of the 23 special beasts that belong to the Lo Po Bia Family. Fandore Harpe is one of seven beasts that Family Head Lo Po Bia Traumerei controlled himself.

Appearance and Personality

The creature looks like a giant eel with white fins all over on top of its top body. It has yellow fiery eyes and sharp teeth like a shark. Not much known about the beast personality since it was controlled by Traumerei.


Tower of God: Part 3

A Dog And A Cat

During the history flashback between Wang Wang and Nen Neya (Baylord Yama's parents), the Family Head Lo Po Bia Traumerei confronted Nen Neya who tried to ambush a fortress of the Lo Po Bia Family with the help of Akrinak. When Akrinak attacked Traumerei, the Family Head summoned Fandore Harpe to block Akrinak's attack.[1] Fandore Harpe quickly counters the attack and cut off Akrinak's right hand. Akrinak then shot a powerful beam with its left hand but it cannot hurt the silver eel. Fandore Harpe then continued to circling around Akrinak and stabbed right through Akrinak's chest with it's sword tail.[2]

Powers and Abilities

As one of the 7 Animals personally controlled by the Family Leader of the Lo Po Bia Family, the Fandor Harpe is an immensely powerful Shinheuh. This is seen where it was able to easily overpower an Ancient such as Akrinak, with the latter admitting that he was powerless to defeat it unless his host grew stronger despite them already being strong enough to annihilate entire armies of the Lo Po Bia Family and challenge several of its Branch Family Heads.

Agility: Despite being so massive in size, Fandore Harpe is very agile and slick. Even ancient like Akrinak cannot react to its speed.

Sword Tail: The tail part of Fandore Harpe looks very sharp like a sword. It can use its tail to stab the opponents.

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