Fabregas (파브레가스, Pabeulegaseu) is an Army Commander for Hell Joe. His nickname is "The Bloody".[1]


Fabregas used to be an underling of Grand De Sah. When Hell Joe overthrew the ruler of South City, Grand De Sah, Fabregas joined him in the rebellion. After this rebellion was successful, Hell Joe appointed Fabregas one of the Army Commanders. His title is: "The Bloody".

Appearance and Personality

Fabregas wears a white mask, along with a blackish half robe that stops above where his legs begin. His body ends in a ghost-like tail.

He appears to be a cowardly person, looking to flee when it became apparent that he could die and only deciding to fight when he knew he could win. He values his own wellbeing over others and was willing to attack his own master to ensure his survival.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Floor of Death

With Karaka's new offer being set, Hell Joe asked his Army Commanders on whether he should believe Karaka's words. The Commanders had differing opinions on whether to trust Karaka or not, with Fabregas noting that if Karaka was lying they could deal with them later. Hell Joe then announced to everyone on the Floor of Death the false revelation that the final piece of the Thorn was in his castle and if they wanted it, they should challenge him and his Commanders.

During the intruders' attack on the castle, he was caught trying to escape after he realised he could die fighting Yuri. Trying to feign ignorance to Hell Joe, he eventually showed his true colours and attacked his master only to fall victim to Hell Joe's fearsome power. Being told to capture the intruders if he wanted his powers back, Fabregas feebly agreed.

Powers and Abilities

Fabregas true form

Fabregas' true form

His strength and abilities are currently unknown, but it's reasonable to believe he's fairly powerful as he was appointed to be one of the "Army Commanders" under Hell Joe.

He has access to a "true form" which consists of a gigantic body ending in a long snake-like tail. Several huge red spikes protrude from the area around his head and shoulders and the end of his tail ends in a series of sharp red spikes.

Notes and Trivia

  • He is most likely named after the former Arsenal footballer Cesc Fàbregas.


  1. Vol.2 Ch.240: 43F - Hell Train: The Floor of Death (9)


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