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Eyes of De Jah or De Jah's Eyes is the special eyes of High Ranker Grand De Jah, the former leader of North City on the Floor of Death and protector of The Spirit Room[1] which he somehow "obtained" after he saw the Irregular Enryu directly with his own eyes.[2]


At some point after seeing Enryu, Grand De Jah obtained his eyes.

Many years later, when Hell Joe took out David Hockney's normal eyes for not obeying his order, Yuliu Mata accompanied Hockney to North City to meet Grand De Jah to asked for help. Hearing the cruel story, De Jah then agreed to give his eyes to Hockney in exchange for doing him a secret favor.[2]

Power and Abilities

These eyes possessed a mysterious abilities. Grand De Lee mentioned it as the "Far-seeing eyes" which allow their bearers to see "the future".[2]

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