The ticket to hell

An Express Ticket is a ticket required to ride the Hell Express. Although the Express is dangerous, it can allow rapid travel up Floors and gives access to a "secret Floor", which makes the Express Tickets highly sought-after. There are only a hundred Express Tickets, numbered from 1 to 100.[1] The number of an Express Ticket corresponds to the number of a room on the Residence floor of Train City.[2]

Ticket Holders

"Ticket Holders" are people who possess these Express Tickets.[3] The lower the number of the Express Ticket, the more powerful the Ticket Holder.[3] "Ticket Hunters" are the colloquial term given to those who hunt down Ticket Holders for their Express Tickets; they will often hold multiple Express Tickets at once.

Confirmed Ticket Holders are:

Notes and Trivia

  • There are currently around 80 tickets unaccounted for.



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