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Express Ticket is a ticket required to board the Hell Express freely. 


The Express Ticket cannot be bought and must be stolen from another Regular by any means necessary (cripple, crush, kill). A regular who has ticket is called the "Ticket Holder or Ticketer".[1] Once a Regular has one ticket, they become a target to someone else. Ticket Holders must defend their tickets from random Regulars who will try to steal it.[2] Because there are only 100 Tickets available, many Regulars have lost their life from countless fighting and deadly competition. Due to this extremely high difficulty, it's nearly impossible for ordinary Regulars to survive until the end of the line.

Ticket Holders

Ticket Holders or Ticketer are people who possess these Express Tickets. The lower the number of the Express Ticket, the more powerful the Ticket Holder.[3] There are people who will often hold multiple Express Tickets at once, they were called the Ticket Hunters. The examples of Ticket Hunters are Sachi Faker and Blue Skin.

Confirmed Ticket Holders are:

Notes and Trivia

  • The number of an Express Ticket corresponds to the number of a room on the Residence floor of Train City.[13]



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