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I can't... Stop this... It's like a natural disaster.

Elpathion about Evankhell[3]

Powers and Abilities

As a Ruler who controlled an entire floor, Evankhell is an extremely powerful High Ranker. Her best known record is that she was capable of killing the previous floor Ruler who belonged to one of the 10 Great Families and took the ownership of the 2nd Floor.[4]

She is not scared of members of Zahard's Army. The force of 2 High Rankers and 30 Rankers didn't intimidate her. Evankhell proved capable of easily handling the might of the 4th Army Corp stationed in the Last Station, with Elpathion describing her power as being like a natural disaster while using just a partial release of her ancient power. Afterwards, she was able to easily block attacks from the seriously injured Kallavan using his Essence of Bravery and eventually was able to stop his movements with her attacks, giving Baam enough time to escape.[4] During the battle of the Nest, Evankhell once again easily handled the entire "leaderless" 4th Army Corp by herself despite their preparations against her, to where she stated confidently she could handle an entire Army Corp from the Zahard Empire Military if they were without their "Corps Commander".[5] Additionally, during Gakja Dosaeng, Evankhell was regarded by McCage to be the most dangerous of the participants of the game and after she effortlessly defeated every obstacle to reach her goal, it was regarded her easy victory had been expected.

Shinsu Control

Evankhell's shinsu control is very strong to the point she can create 4 giant Shinsu Orbs which is not something that can be learned easily, since it's a super rare skill. There aren't many Wave Controllers who can create Shinsu Orb.

Shinsu Resistance

Evankhell has a very strong shinsu resistance. She can break free easily just within seconds from High Ranker Elpathion's Lighthouse Flow Control - Transcendental Skill: Crystal Mirror Room which used up to 7 Lighthouses. Escaping the Lighthouse Flow Control from High Ranker Light Bearer like Elpathion shouldn't be an easy feat.[6]

Physical Prowess

In addition to her tremendous shinsu powers, Evankhell has tremendous physical ability as well. She proved strong and fast enough to easily react to Khul Nissam Kay's attacks and overpower it with her bare hands, breaking his needle with a single hit and sending him flying with a flick of her fist. She was also able to effortlessly kill Kay's subordinate Jay with her bare hands, easily stopping his attack even when he was using Shinsu Boost with a simple punch to the arm and landing blows that swiftly beat him to death in a matter of moments.

Ancient Power

Fiery Elephant: Evankhell possessed an ancient power in the form of flames. It manifests as fiery Ganesha. She is the host of an Ancient.[4][6]

Shinsu Quality

Shinsu Orb

337 evankhell fire orb baam.png

Evankhell possesses a Shinsu Quality of "Shinsu Orb", which is a rare skill. Apparently, she is the only High Ranker who can use "Blazing Orb".[7]

  • Rare Orb - Inferno (에반켈의 레어 오브 인페르노, Ebankel-ui Leeo Obeu Inpeleuno): Evankhell's shinsu manipulation creates a massive Orb of fire. The heat that radiates from it can melt nearly anything within a large radius, including low-level Rankers and even large warships.[7]
    • Inferno - Flaming Ecstasy (인페르노 - 불의 환희, Inpereuno - Burui Hwanhui): The Orb shoots flame in many directions, creating a force strong enough to easily break through Ranker's attacks and fill the nearby area with flames.[6]
    • Inferno - Festival of Flames (인페르노 - 불의 축제, Inpereuno - Burui Chukje): This technique makes the Orb bigger. Dark red flames circulate around the Orb and fill the nearby area, creating fiery cyclone beneath.[6]
    • Inferno Splash Damage Skill - Wailing Flames (인페르노 광역기 - 불의 함성, Inpeleuno Gwang-yeoggi Burui Hamseong): This is a powerful Orb technique. Evankhell used it after the partial release of her ancient power. The Orb glows more white from heat and blazes several huge streams of fire. These flames can burn Rankers and even High Ranker's Lighthouses can't contain them.[3]
  • Rare Orb - Death Sentence (레어 오브 사형집행, Leeo Obeu Sahyeongjibhaeng): Evankhell gathers a large amount of fire shinsu and aims it at the opponent, attacking them with a large beam of fire. This is one of Evankhell's stronger attacks and she used this against Kallavan causing him to scream in pain.
  • AOE - Flower of Flames (광역기 불의 꽃, gwang-yeoggi bul-ui kkoch): Evankhell blasts flames out of her hands which explode, forming thorn shaped pillars of flames from the explosion.
  • Rare Orb - Primeval Flame (레어 오브 근원의 불꽃, geun-won-ui bulkkoch): Evankhell's orb produces a special flame that can burn everything, including shinsu.[8]
  • Quad Rare Orb - Hellfire (쿼드 레어 오브 지옥도, Kwodeu Leeo Obeu Jiogdo) : Evankhell creates four rare orbs that scorch everything nearby.[5]


  • Red Sword: Evankhell has a red sword that can emit flame. This sword was destroyed after Ari Bright Sharon targeted her sword handle with Fairy Light Needle Technique. However, she was shown to use a similar sword in the battle at the Nest to kill the High ranker Elpathion.[6]

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